Mizz Twerksum Filled Out Nicee

· June 10, 2012

1/2 of the Twerk Team member Mizz Twerksum shows you some post work out pictures. I think we all been watching the evolution of Mizz Twerksum through out the series of videos we seen which has lead us to this point. Now she in the middle weight division of Twerkers. Thoughts?

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  1. nice,just how i like em

  2. @hahz,yeah yeah she’s got a nice azz frame on her. Her buddie lady L got a nice azz body too,I saw her nude pics the other day….thumbs up!! All that twerkin got their frames looking damn good.

  3. She alright. I need remi belle in my life.

  4. Playboy69 says:

    Great Video…The Wop Edition is a CLASSIC!…Round of Applause for the TWERK TEAM

  5. Simba says:

    What a shape.

  6. Her nude pics we’re lame. What the hell y’all smoking on? SMH

  7. Wayne720 says:

    very nice

  8. DCAssLuva says:

    my favorite twerk team vid right now is the throwback nicki minaj joint

    her nude pics was like when she was 17 18 when she was still kinda slim i didnt like them either they was over hyped

    somebody gonna get twerksum pregnant in a year or 2 and mess up her body i seriously believe that

  9. realtalkldn says:

    just watched that video again – fantastic! lol having these two back2back would be suttin

  10. Red C.E. says:

    I wonder how good her Ride Game is

  11. juice says:

    you know i dont support them… but i have to give it em… im shocked there not pregnant.. or already have a child… hoes like them fiest on walfare

  12. Sohated313 says:

    She definitely filled out over the past year or so. I like her frame. You can tell when she twerkin she got a little more movin now. The other one look like she losin hers. she still pretty as shit though

  13. Ms pretty says:

    (No homo) Fellas them nude pics are soooooooooo old, Why? If you read her tweets her ex-boyfriend posted them pics in ’09…..Let it go. Just to let you people know I dont argue over bullsh#@t ok, so feel free to argue with yourselves if this comment hurts u so much.

  14. D'mage says:

    From High School, scr8 to the Proz…(Lady L so d@m thick, keep up the good twerk)

  15. Prime706 says:

    I want to smash

  16. 313Deuce says:

    a mizz twerksum has certainly evolved cuz she wasnt jelly on shit like that in 2010 or last year. Lady L look like she would slob a nigga down good while mizz twerksum will ride somebody to death.

  17. FOOLHEAD says:

    BAlls Deep both luv twerksum sexy azz. Luv for her time bounce on da D!

  18. Jeremy says:

    Mizz Twerksum is a straight beast when it comes to this and she fine as hell on top of that! Amazing

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