Mizz DR Janglin’ Baby” Video

· December 16, 2013

Sometimes pictures don’t do enough when it comes to showcasing some vixens like… Mizz DR. You will understand exactly what I am saying after you watch this video clip.

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  1. gogetit says:

    Fuck this fat, sloppy, bald headed, stuck up, talentless bitch.

  2. Man-D-Ing-O says:

    I can relate to “gogetit’s” post: @ hahz: you hyped this one up a bit my g. You’re usually on point but o girl Mz DR slipping a bit. Looks like she just maxed out on one too many a cheesburger…thought she was working out though w/ that Nigeiran trainer? hmmm oh well. such is life I guess. #OnToTheNext #SheStillThickThough #LOL #JustATadBitSloppy

  3. Scooby Wallace says:

    Y’all tripping lol MizzDR is always lookin sexy

  4. Playboy69 says:

    She had a off 2013….Mizz DR will be resurrected in 2014. she is Carmen San Diego….LOL!

  5. bob says:

    she sloppy now. she was always thick though and thick turns into fat real quick if women dont exercise.

  6. Cakes(overtime) says:

    When I said she was sloppy years ago alot of yall were on my back and i said the way she was working out was wrong for her bodytype and the minute she stops she’ll turn to jello…hmph Do I need to change my name to Cakes Knows or what lol

  7. Quai-Quai_ 22 says:

    Nothing special about this video. Besides, Mizz DR is beautiful as usual.

  8. lol I remember when she first put this video on her IG like 2-3 months ago(BTS)

  9. Big bread says:

    That azz phat, but the song being played is just terrible

  10. jamarxyz says:

    working out cant help her….she’s built like an ostrich.

  11. queso (the corp) says:

    Maliah do the tight skirt walk way better….got it on lock as a matter of fact.

  12. 1luv says:

    True, its blacks vs. Niggas and the war will never end.

  13. BzB says:

    when she was with that nba cat she was working out regularly and probably eating much healthier. body was looking right and tight. this video looks like she fell off the wagon and got sloppy. what a shame.

    let’s not get it twisted though…she’d still get that work!

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