Mizz DR is Back With A Vengeance

· January 22, 2013

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Mizz DR is back with a vengeance with these new pics. Here’s some new pics of Mizz DR from some upcoming shoots,one which we’ll see next month for Valentine’s Day. She looks smaller in person but her hips have never lied. Welcome back Mizz DR.

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Mizz Twerksum GIF

Tahiry LHHNY GIFS (Video Clip)


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Discussion17 Comments

  1. Realtalkin says:

    Glad to have her back, body looking right. I can imagine the way that thing move when she walk

  2. President Ward says:

    Mizz Dr = 100% Natural

  3. President Ward says:

    Mizz Dr = 100% Natural

  4. BzB says:

    lol at the obamas.  i concur.  mizz dr is #winning.  looking real good.

  5. Presto 2.5 says:

    Damn…that NBA money will make life good!
    **Prest starts digging a hole for that yellow dress**

  6. Playboy69 says:


  7. Mister Mister says:

    I just really see her as a butterface lol, sorry fellas….smash & dash

  8. jamar says:

    her legs look funny.

  9. QuaiQuai_21 says:

    She’s back with some new pics. It’s about time.

  10. QuaiQuai_21 says:

    She’s back with some new pics. It’s about time.

  11. Shaunyc56 says:

    Guess Dejaun declined that option to buy and decided to get a new one… Lucky us.. No Saving!!!!!

  12. DCAssLuva says:

    lmao!! glad they done but we gotta wait too see if she gets back in a thong and model
    her and lastarya look like fools changing for a man thinking they getting a ring then they break up with in like 5 months

  13. RunTellDat says:

    Mizz DR thought a baller was gonna save her lol. She back in the urban modeling game like everyone else who got burned. Welcome back.

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