Mitt Romney’s 22nd Granddaughter adopts a black kid

· September 21, 2013

Mitt Romney, the defeated former GOP presidential candidate and former governor of Massachusetts, took to his Twitter social media account to announce that the Romney’s have a brand new grandchild, according to a UPI news report on Saturday.

Mitt and wife Ann Romney’s new grandchild is named Kieran James Romney. 35-year-old Ben Romney – the only child of the Romney’s five sons who never had children – and his wife Andelynne adopted Kieran.

Some responses to the name that Ben and Andelynne Romney gave their newly-adopted son were noteworthy. The reason is because the word Kieran is the anglicized version of the Gaelic name Ciarân which means little dark one or black. One has to understand that these are the Romneys – who some people just refuse to believe would do anything right – including adopting a baby and naming the boy as they wish. Despite the critics, the baby – and family – are beautiful bunch of people.

Names it “Kieran” which is Irish for “little dark one”…..

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  1. Fdat says:

    I couldn’t believe until I looked up the name… You could make an argument that there are plenty of white people named ‘Kieran’. The problem comes into play when the baby is black. She should have researched the name and decided that it was a poor choice.

  2. Tierakay says:

    The baby looks happy, and will have a solid upbringing i’m assuming. Though I do hate the meaning of the name, these kinds of things have a history coming back for revenge in the long term. Maybe he’ll be our 8th Black Democratic president?

  3. bloggettee says:

    Blamney gon be president in 40 yrs y’all …

    Finishing what granpa don started !

  4. Moor#BpCoffins says:

    F@ckin idiots don’t even know what Mormons are after all these years of them coming into your neighborhoods to recruit sheepish blacks. This child is doomed. Why would they name her that? Because Mormons are taught that blacks don’t have souls and on Earth good (white) must have representative and evil (black) should have ppl to represent it too.

  5. E-Dub says:

    F@ck the Romney’s.

  6. jamarxyz says:

    this baby is gonna be surrounded by sick bullshit.

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