The south is known to be slower than the rest of the country but to just now have outlawed slavery in 2013 makes no sense.

Life really does move slower in the South. One hundred forty-eight years after Congress sent the 13th Amendment outlawing slavery to the states for ratification, Mississippi officially has joined the ranks.

The state’s Legislature did vote to ratify it in 1995 — but the vote was never made official because lawmakers failed to inform the U.S. archivist, according to a report in the Clarion-Ledger. They’ve finally finished the job, Newser reports, and it’s official: Slavery is unconsti*utional in Mississippi.

Not making sure your extremely late attempt at saving face in the race-relations department is the most Mississippi thing ever.

Via Washington Times

  • Tim

    Now they just have to start believing it in their minds then we can say we are on to something.

    • Tim

      Also this was all I could think about and laugh. Watch the whole thing and peep the head turn at the end:

      • presto 2.5

        Good shyt @Tim…good shyt indeed

        but notice how dude was surprised that the “Southern Redneck” knew how to play…so he..(jus as the boy)… is living in his own form of ignorance

        Life is “Slower” in tha South…and this post is shocking…but plz dont be the guy thinkn… you the only one that can play the Banjo…lol…you get my drift ppl?…lol

        N.Cack StandUp…”We been get it…jus like yall have”

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