We been up on Miss Joie since 2010 way before she was known as Bow Wow’s baby mom. By the looks of these pictures you can understand why he took the condom off. If you seen her in the streets and didn’t know who she was you would want to get to know her. Check out her recent night club pictures


  • F.B.I. (female body inspector)

    She ok….BP can have her. We claim the chocolate cutie pictured with her.

    • Queso (The Corp)

      Deal lol

      • Playboy69

        @queso…TEAM FAIRYTALES want this offer…LMAO

  • D+

  • bob

    she got bow wow on the hook for 18 years, be weary folks , about how our society encorages the transfer of mens wealth to women via child support alimoney choose your baby moms wisely and dont get married.

  • ballin73

    these broads really do worship themselves

    • joe

      the thing i dont get is, both of them up in the club or out livin that life on the regular-they missin out on what REALLY matters-not all that superficial clubbin and vanity, but that kid that’s gettin watched by someone else growing up learning they too busy to be around.

    • Mister Mister

      Exactly & they got thirsty simps to continue to feed & gas their egos.

      She’s smash & dash material….Bow Wow shoulda kept the rubber on, I would

  • god

    (*tches like this dress up to go out and SIT DOWN the whole… boring


    @Playboy69 bout to have a heart attack up in this piece.

    • Playboy69

      @eekman…She is FINE! Miss Jolie got BM “GOOD GOOD” so you know its REAL…LOL

  • WildWild

    Dem legs is looking real nice in pic 10

  • NoWhiteINmyCup

    @Hahz indeed she is one of the finest females today, this broad beautiful as fcukk, but still dont justify knocking her basic azz up. This broad has no job and no other income other than bow wows monthly expenses.

    This the candy mama use to warn you about the same candy mama said to look but dont touch because she will spoil ya appetite “eye candy” lol

    But with all that said, DAMNNNNNNNNN this is sexy a basic biiitch, her basic as is just beauty to look at

    • Playboy69

      She gets the NINE CARD!

  • Playboy69

    She is FINE!…I will go HAM in her “GOOD GOOD” can’t blame Bow Wow!…LOL! SHE IS WORTH THE BABY MAMA DRAMA!….LMAO!

    • Realtalkin

      Gotta agree she real nice

      • Playboy69

        @real…If I would put a baby in her MISS JOIE will call me her GRAND CHAMP!…LMFAO

  • uptown

    that nigga hit-boy hittin that now

  • ABreez

    This chick brought Bow Wow net worth down to fuckin 10 thousand tho lmao.. He just some regular ass nigga with a sexy baby mama now

  • wobeli

    I wasn’t really diggin her before like I am now