This is the rumored Milani Rose se* tape floating around.She addressed that rumor on Shade 45 Lip Service and said there is a stalker impostor look a like pretending to be her. Hmmm well the internet csi will eventually find out whats the real story sooner than later.

Video HERE



  • Earp

    I guess for the right $, she is urs
    Milani Rose Sex Tape
    no need to even download it when you can watch it right now….

  • SEAN

    Let me understand this: she claims a tape of her prostituting herself is under investigation? Is she serious? Is she crazy? What about her continuing to blame someone else for her actions? Maybe I’m missing something here…

    I think she owes a lot of people an apology… including whoever she blamed everything on in the first place. She should have just come out and been truthful.

  • euv43

    shit i aint even seen it yet.i woud ove to see those big tities jumpin up and down

  • S.k

    Milani Rose never lied !

    Milani Rose admits it is her, she was even confused herself, because she did not believe that there was a real sex tape that existed until the week she addressed it on the radio, she had not seen the same version of the sex tape that had been released till after she spoke about it on the radio. The version Milani had seen was a 3 sec very blurred out clip, she really did not believe it was her especially due to the circumstance that someone else was really using Milani Rose name and modeling photos to escort as her and she knew who one of the persons were for a fact.

    In fact her obsessive female stalker, impostor put the sex tape out in attempt to ruin and defame Milani Rose career and good name, the stalker knew that Milani did not know about the sex tape, so she dangled it over her head, in attempt to weaken the strong grounded Superstar Model Milani Rose, but all it did was give the pint sized latin hottie a lot more exposure.

    I found out the real truth and boy is it crazy!

    The stalker is a prostitute, porn star wanna be model named Kimmi Kennedy aka Melodee Bliss aka Latasha Obrien who has a history of stalking and cyber stalking people with countless victims willing to testify against her and a rap sheet as long as my leg. Latasha Obrien aka Kimmi Kennedy aka Melodee Bliss has been arrested for prostitution over 30 times.
    The prostitute porn star is ashamed of herself for appearing in over forty porno’s
    “Ghetto Gaggers” is one of her most popular works google it and you can see for yourself, She changed her name, so if you ask her the pathological, Bi polar, wanna be model Kimmi Kennedy if she is Melodee Bliss, 99% of the time she denies it. ‘Lol’ she is ashamed of her life and past. That is the difference between the two females and that is why she hates Milani Rose because Milani embraces the choices she had to make in her life.

    She is and has been very envious & jealous of Milani Rose for close to two years, which is when they were both introduced over the phone by a mutaual graphic artist Gemdigi Media who is also a witness.

    When they first met Kimmi Kennedy tried to convince Milani Rose into prostituting with her and Milani refused, Milani explained to her future stalker that she used to escort and decided to get out of the life because she had met some one and didn’t feel the need to live that life style any more which made Kimmi Kennedy feel that Milani Rose thought she was better then she was and it made the crazy stalker chick extremely angry and full of jealous rage.

    The mentally sick headed girl started accusing Milani Rose of trying to steal her shine.

    Milani’s female stalker does have a similar look to her and was escorting using Milani’s Rose name and photos.
    The stalker got her hands on sex tape and started threatening and harassing Milani Rose with emails, I have seen the proof and it is clear to me that Latasha Obrien aka Kimmi Kennedy should be sued and arrested.

    Milani Rose stalker became furious because Milani spoke up about it on the Angela Yee and Leah Rose show on Sirius Satellite Radio,only to aware her fans about the situation and she has been going through.

    In retaliation the mentally disturbed Kimmi Kennedy aka Melodee Bliss dropped the sex tape a week later after Milani Rose addressed it the first time, The stalker revealed herself on Dj K slays Sirius Satellite radio show and the next day after that, The female stalker Kimmi Kennedy sent it to where the sex tape was viewed over 500,000 times in four days the psycho also made it available for all to see posting it on as many sites as possible with the links to download and watch it.

    This is sabotage at best!

    But Milani Rose is a beautiful person inside and out
    Remember who god bless no man curse-S.K


    Milani Rose is gorgeous!!

  • Jody

    You seen to have a lot of inside info “SK”

  • 901 Gangsta

    stop taking up for this hoe

  • BiGTiMe

    Yea if you look her up on you tube … in one of ther intervies she admits it that she did it for the money … yo i seen shortie in east NY BK, she lives out there i got her number …. she is a freak … that all i go tto say