Ramona Taylor Kamate is one brave woman who says, she’s tired of being a victim. The 56-year-old grandmother and great grandmother from Clinton Township has a permit to carry a gun, and when she was attacked on a city bus, she used it. It’s a bus route Kamate is quite familiar with, she’s also grown accustomed to seeing some of the same people who take the bus with her But, when Kamate boarded a city bus at Northland Mall in Southfield, she says a young friendly face turned on her.

“He was saying ‘you smell good, looks like you have money’ and I said no I don’t,”

Kamate said.

It went downhill from there.

“He grabbed my book bag and I grabbed it back and we started tussling, I bit him on his left hand. When he struck me in my head we started fighting,”

she said.

Kamate says no one tried to intervene. “It’s sad you have all those men on the bus, and no one helped me,” she said.

The suspect took Kamate’s purse and ran off the bus at the Lodge and Dexter stop.

That’s when Kamate, who was armed with a gun and has a permit to carry, went after him.

“Somebody said he had a gun, and when he turned and faced me he went down, and when he went down I just pulled my 9 out and started shooting him,”

she said.

Kamate fired multiple shots at the man, but he got away.

Kamate says it was unclear if the man was hit by any bullets.

“It was 11 shots, I hope I did, one of them had to get them,” she said. “At first, I felt remorse because I have grandchildren. If my grandchildren are out here doing what these punks are doing, they need to get the same thing.”

Kamate’s purse was eventually found, and her wallet filled with cash was gone.

Kamate was questioned by police and released. She says after this experience she is done with the bus and plans to get a car.

Granny was bout it, bout it..

  • BIG EL

    That’s what I’m talking about. People are getting tired being victims. You gotta do what gotta do protect yourself & your family. True the purse is material and can always be replace but what’s regrettable is that nobody help this lady in anyway.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Where y’all get these dumb azz stories from? I can tell you more about this story then the news. This happened on Dexter Ave and the Lodge freeway and she should of been arrested for that dumb sh1t she pulled and given 6 months of advisement pending a mandatory gun safety class to keep her CCW permit. She fired 9 shots as the guy ran away in anger and didn’t even hit him once, in a highly populated residential hood. That’s how innocent people get killed.

    • 1luv

      Thought the same thing. I got my CHL back in 2011 here in Houston. One thing my instructer told me is that you are responsable for who ever gets hit with your gun. 9 shots can hit anyone if not the target.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Yea even worse she fired 11 shots. This story was just something they threw together to continue on with the negative stigmas on my city. Wasnt even news worthy but because its Detroit they did. U see the ice on the spent shell casing which meant it happened prob days before they found the story. I hate the media.

  • BzB

    11 shots and no one got hit? she’s very lucky. probably never been to a shooting range. i’m all for having permits and self defense, but learn how to use your weapon if you’re going to carry one.

  • Big El

    I hear what all y’all saying. Bullets have no eyes and if a innocent bystander gets shot, you are indeed responsible.