Michael Jordan’s Son Marcus Remixes “New Slaves” “Open Letter” “Uoeno”

· July 8, 2013


Have you heard Michael Jordan’s son Marcus rap before? He recently dropped some new remixes of New Slaves, Open Letter, and Rocko’s Uoeno.

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  1. MoorDetroitRed says:

    This n1gga is the polar opposite of hid father. Straight lame with money

    • MoorDetroitRed says:

      And what’s with those pedo glasses he’s always wearing with that pedo look. His flow crisper then I expected tho

  2. jamarxyz says:

    if you know your alpha bets …you can rap.

  3. hardcore says:

    WOW! He is terrible! Rapping about thug life, he was a millionaire at birth! He raps about having the new J’s before they hit the store, well you are a Jordan. His flow is basic and he is terrible grow up, GO INTO THE FAMILY BUSINESS or go back to basketball. BOO!

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