Michael Jordan threw down at the age of 50 this week at his annual basketball camp Santa Barbara, CA. The GOAT—dunking in the Air Jordan 1 Mid “True Blue”—might be in his best shape since Washington.



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  • Legend!!

  • jfizzle

    Damnn making my Achilles hurt!!

  • Reverand Sanford

    I miss watching Mike play. Wish we could get those times back.

  • Blaq Cezr

    Kobe is great……but Mike will always be greater…….

    • ginoBrown

      @cezr That has nothing 2 do with this post

  • Jose

    Goal looks low as sh*t

    • bob

      That goal is 10 foot. Stop hating!

  • Shizz

    Don’t know why niggas so surprised when ANY cat 6’6 or over can dunk still at 50

    • SupremeJuan


  • Ace

    Probably trash talked the sht outa that kid