Michael Jordan and Cuban Model Yvette Prieto Announce Their Wedding Date

· February 6, 2013

Michael-Jordan-Cuban-Model-Yvette Prieto-wedding-date

Michael Jordan decides it’s that time for him and his Fiancee, Yvette Prieto to make it official. The couple has been engaged since 2011 and this April 27th they plan to wed according to TerezOwens.com.

After paying his former wife $168 million in a divorce settlement we would hope she signed a prenup. As of now, know one has confirmed if MJ’s lawyers wrote one up.

The way his Jordan’s are flying off the self these days I doubt that settlement hurt his pockets.

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  1. Jayevans20 says:

    Hope this fool get a pre nup this time.

  2. don_mayor says:

    the chick is beyond fine….but really getting married again? like i’ve said time and time again, rich ppl’s problem is finding ways to blow their money and marriage is a good way to blow a chunk of it. congrats J

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