Mesha Seville is back

· April 8, 2013

Model Mesha Seville is back with some new photos headed to the night club and in the gym. Thoughts?

Props Playboy69

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  1. Playboy69 says:

    Mesha Seville = Team Fugly Finest!…LOL!

  2. She would get smashed!!! @cakes gon start hatin real soon watch LOL

  3. as for this post..mesha has a handsome face. she’s cool with sheed.

  4. REX!!! says:

    Ugly????Naw bro she ain’t ugly…she ain’t fine either but SMASHABLE to say the least

    Grade: 7 1/2

  5. RED 2K13 says:

    Her body A-1 but she look like a pitbull in the face

  6. Big ALbert says:

    WOW that 1st workout pic is fuccin

    She average though.

  7. Realtalkin says:

    she is not attractive, body is nice though

  8. Queso (The Corp) says:

    I think that tribal tattoo always threw me off wit this broad..she can definitely get it!

  9. 20/20(O.G. Cakes to YOU) says:

    She’s back? did anybody miss her?..crickets.. Lol yeah exactly and she doesnt just need a paper bag for that UGLY face she needs a whole trash bag( it will probably be the most stylish thing she ever wore.. word).. just get some ‘glad’ on this bitc* and dump her tacky azz on the curb lol….oh and ‘propz playboy69′ real cute playboy real cute smh

  10. REX!!! says:


  11. Mike Lowrey says:

    To each his own. Mesha is fine enough. The sad part is that Mesha and Maliha are some of the few if only females who have been featured and sent in videos showing love. Unlike the Corps. old mascot Portia.

  12. Jnid57 says:

    She squatting dem 45’s mayne she gotz dem head crushing thighs…. Me likey.

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