Atlanta has a Metro mall cop named Darien Long who became famous recently off of doing what he does best.

Not only has he became famous he has been rewarded almost 20k from people contributing to him on Crowdtilt.

Darien Long Kick Ass Mall cop was recently in the news for his single handed stand against drug dealers near his mall. His videos went viral and may people applauded him for his great work. People would like to donate to enable him to get better and more gear.

If you want to contribute to this under paid security putting his life on the line to clean up downtown Atlanta you can do so here.

Some men of the law take their job of protecting the people from drug dealers and people who cause problems for the rest of us very seriously.

Do you think you could handle his job??

  • First! He’s doing the right thing but somebody going to get him if you know what I mean.

  • 1luv

    I saw this two days ago. Personally this is why I can’t be a cop. Just too many stupid people in this world that want to test someone that has authority. Much respect for people like him that can do this job.



    • President Ward

      He will get his own show airing on TruTV

      • Von P.

        FR how u know foo and he wont get killed nobody gets killed over there i hang out there to many police for that

  • Mitch_rapp

    Good dude. Need more men like him.

  • too_funny (TC UNLTD VA)

    man this nicca go hard

    • I respect what he doing even tho he’s only a ghetto security guard. It’s too many blacks that just disrepect & beat down all of the businesses in the hood smh. He going hard against ratchetness.

      • President Ward

        @too_funny & @Strait DUDE A BEAST!!!!!!

  • Tim

    How dumb were those hoods in the second video you don’t say this is where you gonna get killed on camera! Even the hood azz broads got in on the act. Nobody, I mean nobody, makes a scene more then a hooded out broad!

    They will throw a punch faster then the hooded out dude they be with! I support what dude is doing. But these fools gone try to take him out cause they don’t get that they are the bad element. I missed the days of those who were real gangster, but you never knew it, until you messed them over.

    My favorite saying from a hood broad: “I am a female, he has no right to put his hands on me.”

    That shyt is Universal!

  • Tim

    Video 3 he punked all them clowns!

    He Tazed the shyt out that hood broad! Another fact, hood broads don’t turn into mothers until you try to keep their kids from tearing up other people’s property.

  • BzB

    good luck to dude. hard job not only dealing with ignorance but keeping from killing a fool or getting killed himself. he’s definitely putting his life on the line, but i applaud his efforts. at least he’s not out there harassing innocent people minding their own business.

  • Crack Dealer 2: “I been out herr”

    Kickass Mall cop: “I don’t care where you been, nigga. You ain’t comin up in here.”

  • He is a nice guy and that area is very dangerous. There is a cop station around the block but people still sell drugs around there. He has to wear kevlar and has his own mugshot book. He was not too proud about tasing the woman and wished it could have been avoided.

  • wow he’s cleaning up the streets. He’s basically Darkwing Duck.

    • prettymanny

      You had me rolling at dark wing duck that duck was a g! Remember the intro song lol

  • Lot of cops in the ATL work hard every day. It’s a corrupt city with strapped resources, though. Lots of mismanagement, and the city’s past has a lot to answer for. South Atlanta is rough.

  • imagine if the cops around ATL area were this proactive

  • This is the most badass mall cop in existence.

  • That’s a very hard job. I respect dude. It’s said that most of the resistance that he receives will come from his own people.

  • Serious. Peachtree street?!?! Like goddamn Dredd?!??!?!

  • He needs a some Dredd armor, and a sassy thick psychic sidekick.

  • G

    Unfortunately this is why people think the south is racist. There is a lot of this behaviour in the south, puts out a bad image for everyone…..

  • MoorFedayeen

    He just need to become a cop and stop faking it. All that tactical sh1t on with no real badge

    • presto 2.5

      now why would you ruin something so pure with power?

      you tha type nicca he would zap too…and i would laff before entering the mall like a civilized nicca…but i’m sure you’d go grab ya AK…and wipeout the whole mall..right Rambo?…lol

      • MoorFedayeen

        Now….had that man been a mall?…I’m the type of nicca that would pull the AK back off the shelf then put in so much work that the human race would damn near go instinct. #NeverFlexedBefore

  • Davidgotpay

    Ajajajaj yooo thos sh1t is funny as hell…

  • ^TBM^

    I hope God protects hm and keeps him safe. Hats off for him for doing the right thing!

  • truthteller

    I cant really show respect to the mall cop cuz u can
    Tell hes jus doin out to get a thrill not to really keep the mall safe think about hes in a crazy dangerous place in the atl talkin ish to people that will kill you an dont care about goin to prison..they dudes in the second video thought he had a real gun qn they stillllll wasnt scared to leave smh

  • prettymanny

    If more men in our community came together and acted lime this man then our communities would be forever transformed. Heart of a warrior on this man.

    • prettymanny


    • presto 2.5


  • WildWild

    Man he should have the right to tase every last one of them ignorant negroes… a disgrace to the race

  • As somone who goes to school in the metro area. Its a great place if you know where not to go. Staying away from places in downtown and Grady is always a good idea. But Atlanta also has its rich sections like Buck Head and Midtown which have great bar scenes.

  • Reverend Sanford

    IMO dude is a straight up house n!gger. Quick to protect the white and Korean man’s property even if it calls for tazing and murking his own. You noticed how many times he referred to the brother as “Ni88er.” He got that “What’s wrong boss? We sick? mentality” I know there are plenty of black owned businesses that he can protect as well as black people he can rehabilitate.

    • admin2

      really? you can say that about 99% of security guards out there.

  • Slewfoot Jackson

    that boy go hard back it up back it up

  • Proud & Non-Racist American !!!

    Darien Long for President !!!

  • Jigwig21

    Top flight: what’s ur name dogg?
    Fake Goon: ass wipe.
    Me: haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa