Who knew that Randy and Rebbi’s daughters were Michael Jackson BAD.  Stevanna, Genevieve and Yashi are all beautiful.

Genevieve Randy’s daughter

Stevanna Randy’s daughter Damn she look like Janet with the braids

Yashi Rebbi’s daughter

  • Big ALbert

    Damn All of them are on point, especially the 2nd one.

    I would be hesitant to holla at them mainly because I fear that they might all be weirdos like the rest of the Jackson family.

    • I couldn’t have said it better!!

  • 1luv

    Love the family resemblance. I hope they grow up to be mature black RESPECTFUL women.

  • bloggettee

    I don’t think they have enough vowels in their names …

  • Playboy69

    She is a PYT

    • Playboy69

      Correction They’re all PYT’s!…LOL!

  • The young Jackson women are looking good!! Stevanna is megacorp certified….hell all 3 are!!

  • Realtalkin

    They are all stunning. Esp the one looking like the young Janet Jackson.

  • DCAssLuva

    well damn hi MS JACKSONS cus im nasty like your aunt song

  • JJ

    I bet all they mess with is white guys

    Yall know them Jackson’s wanna whiten their gene pool

    • R.E.D(Corp)

      I thought I was the only one that noticed that shit about them.

      • Tim

        Nether one of y’all are alone in your thinking. The one that had a black kid was rebbi!

        • Tim

          Also, don’t forget 2 jackson brothers have kids by the same women, I wonder if any of the ladies above are part of that. Besides rebbi’s kid that is.

          • I forgot about that.

  • Damn they fine, I hope they all go to college and bring up the next generation