Meek Mill Signs To Jay-Z’s Roc Nation

· May 10, 2012


According to Life + Times Meek Mill is Roc Nation’s newest artist joining Jahlil Beats, J.Cole and Wale.

L+T: So you’re signed to Roc Nation management…

MM: Yeah, that’s the new deal I put together. Me coming up in this rap game, I was always an underground artist coming up by myself and making all of the moves by myself. And my manager – he’s just like me, we’ve been coming up in the streets by ourselves. So we just decided to partner up with Roc Nation and take things to another level.

  • Realtalkldn

    So roc nation and mmg share him and meek?

    • Realtalkldn


      • Simba

        I believe they’re MMG artists under Roc Nation management.

        • realtalkldn

          ohh, wud make sense @simba

  • Primo

    Jigga gettin dough all kinds of wayz

  • Mr.Justinian

    JAY-Z is a mason he cleared def jam as president to get ross and jezzy there all of ross and jezzys artist that have connects to drug pushing like wale’s friends meek mills’ friends who push it pays a percentage to JAY-Z the frank lucus of the rap and hustln shit. HE WILL NOT LOSE UPS TO JIGGA

    • Mr.Justinian

      And his fellow masons Jezzy and Ross follows his blueprints…. especially in the music…

    • dusty

      wales friends who push drugs? what are you talking about dude aint never or did have friends that sold drugs
      Gets your facts right


  • CreoleBossChe

    Record deal and management deal, is two different things.. Wale & Meek Mill have management deals

  • uptownrae

    what the hell happend to Jay electronica ,meek gonna have stay up on promoting himself its like no mans land …isnt Jada thr too