Meek Mill Poses In A Photo With…. Cassidy’s Mom

· December 30, 2012

Meek Mill took the beef with Cassidy to a new level after posing with his mom’s in Atlantic City last Friday night.  The question I have is did he bring her to Harrah’s casino or did he randomly run into her? Meek also posed with Mayweather that night.

some comments
@ ]nadisha_28 Cassidy mom tho
@ ]darealrawdawg Nukka starting sum shyt
@ ] al_doe93 That Cassidy mom

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  1. Scog says:

    Meek Wild For That. Look At That Grin. LoL

  2. Passdatgreen says:

    Ok now I can say shit got real

  3. DCAssLuva says:

    his mom wrong as shitt

    cass if u dont diss the shitt out this nigga u not a man well hell biggie didnt do shit after pac too a pic with faith and diss the shit outta him

    • Tim says:

      But Biggie was the real man in the whole situation, pac took things to a stage where neither one of them ain’t here no more. Biggie tried to solve a lot of that stuff behind the scenes and like a man pac felt it was better to have business aired in public, with lies to boot.

      I don’t know how things gone get for these two, but all I got to say about this picture is that, “Every black women seems to hate the head of hair they were born with, they don’t even do black wigs no more.”

      If his mom is down with this then she is helping throw wood into this fire!

  4. ginoBrown says:

    He pulling a 50 type of move

  5. BzB says:

    that’s straight up disrespectful. i’d also be upset at my moms for posing with my rival. wonder if he smashed…lol

  6. damnshame says:

    cassidy a beyotch n erbody know it…LOL

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Man you usually are intelligent but that comment was str8 stupid.

      Cassisy one of the few n1ggas in the game that’s a real n1gga and I don’t even listen to him. Like he said, he aint poppin right now cause he aint a azz kisser. And he down to b*ck a crook too. Strapped up, no bodyguards.

  7. Pceezy says:

    ,,,,she prob knew this dude when he was a lil kid on the block and not feeding into all the bullish,,,, y’all Better stop acting like this Hip Hop shit is real ,,, it ain’t nothing but another version of Love and Hip Hop but on wax,,, rather iTunes

  8. MoorFedayeen says:

    This reminded me of that infamous Tupac and Faith pic. This is foul, so foul it really makes me think this beef was planned. Who would do this?

  9. Taper says:

    Thats not cassidy mama

  10. slick says:

    the pic aint disrespectful imo. he might have met cass mom before the beef when they were friends. now the boy who got on the phone with chief keefs mom is another story

  11. 2up2down says:

    Meek is weak for that. He can’t see cass or his boy on wax so he stoop to that level. I thought the premise of the beef was $100,000 for a freestyle battle. Did i miss something?

  12. SCOOTYBLACK says:

    I dont think thats his mom

  13. simpleTOM says:

    chubby jag sonned this guy. now, he taking pics with cassidy mom?!??

  14. KidKredible says:

    This is not cassidys mom. this lady was on the radio station this morning and cleared the rumors. shes a friend of the families. and has no relation to cassidy. the message he posted with the pic said, “with your mom”. but the message was for the ladies kids which you can see he added on to the message.meek knows better.

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