Meek Mill pulls a wise chess move dissing Cassidy on a track called “Kendrick You Next”. WOW their isn’t any coming back from this one. R.I.P. Cassidy music career.

  • lokey

    Guy who previewed it told me “the WORST diss track since 50 vs Lox days”…excited to hear.

    • MoorThugRelated

      He pumped gas. Must have been a #Bp nigga that told you that. I’ll wait for Kendrick diss tho

  • Greg4422

    Okay I support Meek Mill, but please stay of those classic beats.

  • Fdat

    “couple months we at ya funeral

    I swear to gawd that shyt beautiful

    5x Tees, DuRags the usual “

  • BzB

    a song dissing cassidy? smh at choosing an easy target. at least go at someone who still relevant.

    • MrDDF

      Easy target you cannot be serious Cass is better lyrically this what he specializes in and just because Cass ain’t in the spotlight don’t mean he irrelevant.

      • Cakes(crooked smile)

        +1 MrDDF stfu BzB..Stop screaming Meek Mill! I hate his voice and delivery..

      • ginoBrown

        @mrddf Dude is irrelevant,thirsty,an very corny, get over it fam.

        • MrDDF

          Well he’s better then Meek and a whole a lot of other rappers. He hasn’t sold out like a lot of the the rappers so he gone stay quote on quote “irrelevant.”

  • Jae_Mac

    this is the Meek i wanna hear, get back on this grimey sh*t

  • iCE

    That was dicked braids meek battling meek.

  • botherman

    I’ll give it to em… pretty dope…

  • Cease

    sh*t dope…

  • Wise1

    supposed to call out more than kendrick on the intro to dc3 ……..

    we shall see…

  • ginoBrown

    Funny how dudes was hating on Meek now they riding his d*ck after he unleashed some fury on Mr. durag.