Meek Mill Gets Arrested In NYC, Misses Album Release Party In Atlanta

· November 1, 2012

Meek Mill brought the city of Atlanta out to Mansion Elan on Wednesday night decked out in there Halloween costumes.. The only thing missing was Meek Mill who was scheduled to perform. Around 2:00 the building of Mansion Elan was officially zoo status and everyone started to wonder “Where is Meek Mill?”, A hour earlier a group of GD’s were out front asking the same question. Some time after his BET 106 & Park appearance he was detained by NYC’s hip hop cops only to be charged with nothing and released. He posted the picture above while he was detained. Some people were speculating he didn’t appear due to the GD conflict currently going on.

Meek Mill stops by 106 & Park to talk about his new album “Dreams And Nightmares”, his motivation, the album cover, Hurricane Sandy, his 3 favorite records, collaborating with various artists, the MMG tour and more.

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  1. Pceezy says:

    I was in the building u also was thinking th 50 niccas outside was making him not come thru,, guess I was wrong,,,, but the party was jumping any ways,,,

  2. solo g says:

    them Gz aint playing with them the better get right

  3. Tony 219 says:

    G D 7-4 BOS 2-15-19

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    How da f#ck do y’all let somebody detain you with no probable cause???? This isn’t Nazi Germany and they can’t just detain you for nothing. Know your rights! Had that been me, cell phone cams would of been rolling and a fight with the police would of ensued after their attempted kidnap of me.

    • BzB says:

      come on, son… “your rights” ain’t going to stop them from stomping you out or killing you. and if you think you can fight the police, good luck with that. lol. you have way more to lose than they do…

      that’s exactly why they were messing with meek, trying to instigate him into doing some dumb sh1t that they could really lock him up or beat his azz for.

    • S.W.ATL MADE says:

      Police tripping down here they arrested a man who turned in meth to the police that he found in a home he was renting….but the check he will get probably is worth it.

      • MoorFedayeen says:

        Guess everybody just do things different everywhere else then NY cause I done stopped the boys DEAD in their tracks while trying to open up my car door. A cop I use to speak with in the gym flat out said, “If they let us do it, we gonna do it”. Not ME! What can cops do when the whole world is watching via a camera phone? Pull them phones out and tell them pigs to go f*ck themselves you NY slaves. They do it cause y’all allow it.

  5. Birdman202 says:

    ny police f with cause they can they don’t care about losing no job. Now you see why wayne hates it there i’m pretty sure other ny rappers hat it to but they don’t hate it enough to move out.

  6. Pceezy says:

    ,,,, dekalb had them m16’s and pumps out to get them cats off the parking lot,,,

  7. dead as fuck says:

    Ny cops always do that, star or not they don’t give a fuq they wanna show ppl that everybody can go on custody… i got arrested in tha metro cause i had a jacket saying fuq the $, smh fuck Ny and Im a new yorker but fuq My town

  8. Southwestern says:

    I don’t understand the fascination with this Meek character. He looks and sounds mentally challenged.

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