Meek Milly cover the  The Source magazine Back To School issue. In the cover story he talks about his rise to success, his personal life and his music. Here is an excerpt where he lets us know what to expect from his debut album “Dreams And Nightmares”.

“It’s all about me thinking what type of first album am I gonna present to the people. [I got] something for the streets, the clubs, storytelling, soulful songs, deep songs.”


  • Master Chef

    His Album Gonna Be Wack Because All He Talks About Is His Rollie,Audamars,Rolls-Royce And A Bunch Of Bullsh1t Tired Of These Rappers Bragging And Flexing AND THEN TELLING US THE FANS GO BUY MY ALBUM SO I CAN BUY SOME BULLSH1T AND RAP ABOUT IT

    • Jamez

      naw its gon sell cuz dumb people fall for dumb stuff…same ol same ol….no substance. he gon poison yo mind then pass out turkeys to make it seem like he care

      • realtalkldn

        dnt know if he will do that well Jamez. Lol at the turkey part though

        • Jamez

          TRUST, im NOT hoping he does well but if lil wayne, ross,lil b, soulja boy STILL in the game then i kno meek will be ok. u cant underestimate the power of the simp

  • Moor TC. Carnage

    Da fuq still buys The Source or XXL, or any magazine? Fail!

    • ReefMoney


  • desolation

    what’s up with the michael jackson jacket ?