Marlon Wayons and his Weekend Wifey in St. Barts (Photos)

· March 6, 2013

Marlon Wayons was on a playcation with his weekend wifey in St. Barts recently. The 40-year-old star who just released his first directed movie “A Haunted House” could not keep his hands or his lips off the woman despite being surrounded in guests.

Canoodling: The


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  1. Mister Mister says:

    Not bad….I see they have no problem with PDA, she gots some long fukkin hair. He can wrap that shyt a couple times while smashing lol

  2. Simba says:

    too skinny for me and don’t like her face

    do you i guess

  3. BullnBearHP says:

    Thought he was married… oops

  4. bloggette says:

    That is one FIT woman …

    She Hawaiian ?

  5. 1luv says:

    Where she looks better then some over weight women.

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