Lord Jamar must of been appointed the culture police because he been ranting on Twitter about everyone including his newest target actor Omar Epps.

Comedian Marlon Wayans BFF Omar Epps recently was spotted wearing a skirt on The View promoting his new show ‘Resurrection’, so Marlon took it upon him self to fire back at Lord Jamar wasn’t pleased.

Lord Jamar specifically spoke on the displeasure about the feminization of the Black man, that ended becoming a public debate with Marlon Wayans.

Who’s side are you on in regards to this debate?

Was this acceptable?

  • D.S.G777

    And people still think there isn’t forces behind the scenes paying these clowns to push this stuff.

    • You think some one sent him that outfit and told him to wear it? Opposed to just being the environment of Hollyweird.

      • Nowthatspcp

        Yup, u never heard Chappelle interview on Oprah

        • D.S.G777

          tell em

      • bobevil

        Hahz, an Egyptian man in a skirt is not the same as a 21st century black man in a skirt. There was no psychological stigma attached to the wearing of a skirt. Lord Jamar even said this in one of his interviews. That pic posted at the end is obscuring the issues.

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        You see with me its not the fact that he is wearing a skirt, i mean if you want to wear a skirt own it be you, thats why Dennis Rodman wore a dress for book signings but still respected him because he fcuked carmen electra and madonna and was a defensive genius on the basketball court.

        Niggaz respected Rodman because he was himself, just like they respect prince.

        The problem is that these fcuk niggaz wearing skirts because its a trend, which in my opinion makes you lame, dont do something because its the “in” thing , kill yaself for that fcukShit .

        • Real


          Exactly n**** doing this s*** bc its a trend which is lame as f****.

      • D.S.G777

        Evey black rapper/entertainer is wearing women’s clothes now! Coincidence I guess.. smh

  • bobevil

    lol. Lord Jamar is that guy. I do not agree with the skirt wearing and the homosexual nonsense. Homosexuality is a condition, just like autism and all that shit, but white liberals and black sellouts are trying to pass off a rare condition that occurs in a small population of humans as something “normal”. GTFOH.

  • Cory Mack

    We need to get on some old school KRS-1-pushing-PM Dawn-off-the- stage-type s*** with these funny ass n****. Straight up.

    I’m with Lord Jamar. Ain’t no excuse for the fa****ry that’s running amok.

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Im not with the niggaz wearing skirts/leggings movement and dont hand me a pic of some cave men wearing a toga as a comparasion, this is the 21st century.

      However this is a unique debate on one end I think Marlon Wayan is one of the most lamest niggaz on the face of the earth next to RAY J, he is a terrible actor and his jokes are dry, however he makes some real points against lord jamar.

      i said 2 years ago on this same site when lil wayne got a lip piercing that it was the trend of some new fcuk niggga shit, i said niggaz will be wearing dresses and skirts in the future and walah. i also said in next 6 years niggaz will start wearing makeup

      My thing is this if you want to wear a lil skirt like a biitch then thats your life,, but if you doing it because of a trend or because ya stylist said so, then fcuk you

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      Fcuk KRS overatted hypocritical azz, im not down with the skirt movement and i aint with that kilt shiit that budddy wore but the last thing we need is that dread head predator looking nicca trying to speak so called self knowlege.

      What niggaz need to start doing is keeping it real with them selves, we come from the hood homie, there should not be no level of money to where a stylist has to tell you to put on a skirt to be more apealing,

      • 1luv

        Seems like the majority wants to follow the leader while the minority are leading by example.

      • jamar.xyz

        @NoWhite…you gotta fucked opinion of KRS …wish there were more rappers that were like him,instead of just liars.

  • T$

    Damn Lord Jamar taking L’s

    • MoorThugRelated

      Gtfoh nigga. Lord spoke truth and took the win. Marlon clearly ate that “L” and the nigga is corny. Nobody checkin for dude.

  • Nowthatspcp

    He took no loss for speaking truth

  • swirl

    Him and Shawn always been suspect to me

    • MoorThugRelated

      Yup. The whole Wayne’s bro set made joke of that fag shit early. Look back to In Living Color. How much homo shit they put on there. They pretty started it. Damn that just hit me.

  • elgiN

    If you think it’s ok for n**** to wear jeggings, skirts & dresses…… I’m judging the s*** outta u

  • Prosperity

    Clearly an agenda to emasculate our men and effeminate them. Sad sight seeing a grown ass man wearing a skirt.

  • tHe kiD fRanKiE

    Just another way to divide

    Jim Crow lives on

  • jamar.xyz

    it takes a special kinda weirdo to do a whole movie dressed up as a white girl…discusting.

  • Unyquely Kim

    These comments are to freaking funny, and I do mean “freaking”.
    First of all, it was a panel; not a full on “skirt”. 2. Isn’t there way more important things going on in this world? Um, brothas killing brothas, comes to mind… Get off your f*cking soapboxes, and remove that “insecurity is me” stick out of your a§§e§! Idiots.

  • Unyquely Kim

    … And lastly, Marlon Wayans is corny as hell.