Mariah Carey ordered champagne to be delivered to her in the bathroom of NYC night club

· July 24, 2011

SHE has made her first public appearance at a New York club less than three months after giving birth to twins.

But Mariah Carey, the noted diva whose dogs get their own chaffeur-driven car, has not changed her ways being fanned by a minion and ordering champagne to be delivered to her in a cleared-out bathroom, the New York Post reported.

The singer and actress, who had her twins Moroccan Scott and Monroe on April 30, partied at Juliet Supperclub until 2:30am with two female friends and with husband Nick Cannon nowhere to be seen. She “looked fantastic” in a light brown strapless dress, sipped from a $1,600 bottle of Angel champagne, and happily chatted and posed for photos for fans, a source said.

“But her diva ways are definitely still there – it was very hot, and she had a young man fanning her throughout the night with a big red fan,”

the source continued.

“She spent a lot of the night dancing, and was nice to anyone who approached her. But the club was very crowded, so she asked if she could have “a minute” of quiet time in the bathroom. The ladies’ was cleared out, and Mariah ordered a $450 bottle of Perrier Jouet, and had a few gla@$$@ in the privacy of the bathroom before coming back out to join the ma@$$@.”

Carey, 41, arrived at the club with her personal security, but was also assigned some of the club security staff because the club was packed. She was seated at a table next to Black Eyed Peas star, who was surrounded by women.

A representative for Carey said:

“She was out celebrating with friends and family … She’s been working out and taking care of her beautiful babies and is just so happy.”


She will always be a diva.

  • ginoBrown

    She is the definition of a diva.

  • Sweeps

    Naw man ….no disrespect……… She crazy!!!!!….wouldnot tap with a teaspoon… nigggas…runn!!!!!!!!

    • SonOfATL

      You crazy as hell shawty. I would hit that ass and be hanging out with Nick like we buddies a sh1t. K-Fed swag.

  • gphi

    She is the definition of a “diva” in a bad way to me. Notice that the man with her(probably to fan her) is black. Plus, she only works with black people when she does her music. I think that she thinks that she’s superior to black people in general, but she’ll work with black people as long as they can continue to help her make money. PEACE!!!