Arizona Eugene Maraventano has been charged with the death of his son and wife after fearing he had given her the HIV virus and believing that his son was handicapped.

Maraventano who is 64 admitted that he had been with numerous prosti*utes and feared that he had passed not only HIV but other diseases to his wife as well. ABC 15 reported that Maraventano told detectives that his wife had been ill for some time and she might have developed cancer so he took it upon himself to end her life.

Court docu*ents indicate Maraventano attacked his wife with a kitchen knife as she was sleeping. He confessed to having considered buying a gun to kill her, but decided not to because “[he’s’] not a violent person.”

After stabbing his wife the suspect allegedly tried to commit suicide, but instead decided to kill his 27-year-old son Bryan. Maraventano told detectives he thought his son was handicapped because he spent too much time playing video games and had no job, friends or a girlfriend. So he went into his son’s room and stabbed him twice.

Medical examiners determined that his wife had been dead for a few days before the 64 year old decided to inform 911.

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