Man Breaks Into Florida Home, Poops, Gets Naked, Assaults, and Beats Off All in One Intrusion

· January 24, 2013


In Florida, there are violent people, naked people, poopers and masturbators — but rarely is one man the total package.

When Tony and LaDonna Land discovered naked carnival worker Gregory Matthew Bruni on their roof, the night had just begun. Bruni, 21, allegedly assaulted Tony Land, trashed the couple’s North Fort Myers Home, and then defecated and masturbated inside the house, WTSP reports.

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  1. Female Body Inspector says:

    Damn, B, I knew you were white! lmao

  2. eduble says:

    It’s almost funny.  Fvcked up but almost funny.  Wait why wasn’t he shot?  Oh he didn’t have skittles and drink or he wasn’t wearing a hoodie when he was taking a dump or simple fact he’s white.  Florida we haven’t forgotten.  RIP Trevon Martin.

  3. 1luv says:

    That man won an ass whopping from me. You have to clean up not only the man’s feces but his spunk as well.

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