Maliah, Karamel, Draya, Bernice, Cubana Hit The Club

· December 17, 2012

It’s that time of the day where we let the stallions face off, today we have Maliah Michel, Karamel, Draya, Bernice Burgos, Cubana Lust and Evelyn Lodaza. Who do you think looked the best?







Evelyn Lodaza


Cubana Lust

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  1. BigRob says:

    Maliah always hot. Bernice look bad as #%#$# and karamel ass makes a nigga wanna cry. But she wasn’t in the club just everyday pic on Instagram bro. Evelyn look good but she team pancakes

    • yeah,evelyn is nice but i’m trying to see what her daughter about.

      *sheed meets evelyn’s daughter at ruth’s chris and spots her red bottoms* “hey rasheed,you look good. my mom just bought me some new red bottoms,you like em?”

      *me remembering what @presto told me about red bottoms* “yeah,they’re nice.” lol we both go in and i hold my debit card with a strong grip haha

  2. BigRob says:

    Draya and cubana could get the dick 2 but Cubans always look cheap .

  3. President Ward says:

    Maliah & Karamel GOT DAYUM!!!!

  4. EEKMAN says:

    Bernice, Maliah

  5. OH SNAPPLE,IT’S KARAMEL!!! lmao but seriously,she been ghost for like,two years. she still married?

    • @Sheed she’s not married. She’s in a relationship if she is married it must of just happened. Who ever he is he has my blessings. I would love to bring Karamel to a family BBQ I’ll have my kenfolks slobbing out the mouth like the Wolfpack be doing.

  6. WildWild says:

    The champ is here.. The champ is here… Maliah that bizness w/her yung a$$.. Hahz I think you put this one in its proper order, although I moves Lust up above Draya & Lozado… them 2 chick right thurr make a dude catch a case.. Ratchet I say just Ratchet

  7. Warlloyd says:

    Damn Karamel, DAYUMN!!!

  8. Maliah,Bernice,Draya,Cubana,and Evelyn sounds about right. Maliah don’t let up man lol. but,i think kyra chaos got the juice now or atleast heading into 2013. her or bernice.

  9. Realtalkin says:

    Rollin with Karamel and Maliah on this. Where Karamel been at though? She got an instagram or suttin?

    • BigRob says:

      Bernice , Maliah Evelyn tie for face. Body wise karamel ass slays the competition.she the 5 foot version of lastarya or deelishis. Maliah win off 100% natural but shit so is my chicago fam karamel. Bernice fine but I think her cakes fake and her titts we already know is.

  10. Mike Lowrey says:

    Karamel and Bernice

  11. jamar says:

    Maliah has no competition here…she’s dead wrong for killin that leopard print.

  12. Fresh718 says:

    Cubana Lust and Maliah Michel got they Ho* outfits on…Both of then wasn’t playing in this post.

    Personally I’ll take Cubana over maliah though

  13. too_funny says:

    @Hahz got the correct order with the pics…..

    Maliah – killa posses
    Bernice – fine
    Karamel – phat young tenderoni
    Dray – sexy

  14. DCAssLuva says:

    maliah bernice karamel i see u !!! karamel looking phatter than ever draya look good in that dress

  15. Big ALbert says:

    Karamel got a damn bubble if I’ve ever seen one. Cubana looking good too.

  16. Mister Mister says:

    I’d take them all except Evelyn….

  17. Playboy69 says:

    Maliah Michel gets GOLD, Cubana Lust get SILVER, & Evelyn gets BRONZE!…Maliah Michel BOWLEGGED ASS WINS!

  18. Tyuaza says:

    Maliah and Cubana

  19. still118 says:

    Hahz preshate all things Karamel…thanx my nig! #stoptheviolence

  20. thevoyce says:

    Maliah look so damn basic, I don’t know what yall niggas see in her besides her ass………..

  21. Hell wit this!!!! I’m choosing Karamel out of the entire bunch.

  22. wobeli says:

    Bernice in the black also Cubana super thick. Karamel long time no see.

  23. kunbo says:

    does karamel have a instagram/twiter or something? damn

  24. Larcen says:

    Cubana Lust looking good as usual but I gotta go with Karamel on this one she just too damn fine wish she took more pics or better yet wish I knew her

  25. Zus1928 says:

    Does karamel have instagram if she does i need that name Gawdamn that assssss phat.

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