Mal Malloy Pre Night Club (Video)

· November 26, 2011

The GOAT of pawg’s Mal Malloy had a fashion show of outfits for her followers to choose from which one looked best on her. Looks like she been hitting that bike hard in her living room since the last video. Thoughts?

Propz Warlloyd

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  1. J-Holla says:

    I wonder if she even messes with black dudes….

    • Reef215 says:

      That’s a very interesting question…. I wonder too. I mean she would have to right? I’m pretty sure 90% of her fan base is black. I’m also pretty sure your average white guy finds her body disgusting…. With those 2 factors combined I’m sure she has at least went on one date with a black guy.

      • moorfedayeen says:

        Man looking at this broad I see off the bat she ain’t no Alicia Silverstone high class type broad. She does softcore porn so how high could her nose be? I’m sure some nice lookin, articulate well to do brother, like myself have approached her and she showed interest. Like you all said, her selection ain’t that broad because the white boys with education think she’s a pig. A negro has hit that before. Fact

        • ReefMoney says:

          I had the same thought process Moor. But as far as I know, she answered the question last month that she has NEVER dated a black guy. Like…..NEVER. Although she does work with Indiosplace (an urban modeling website) and although her tumblr, twitter and youtube are all popular AND PROMOTED by men of color. She magically has never been approached by one in such a manner that she would go out on a date with one.

          In 2011…thats amazing. Usually women are HARASSED by men of color (both black and hispanic) because men of color, especially black men are a lot more aggressive when it comes to talking to women. And even the “nice looking, articulate and well to do brothers” are confident enough to approach any woman especially someone like her. But as i said, magically, out of the LEGIONS of men that accost her daily…this man has never presented herself to him.

    • DL says:

      she said on her tumblr that she loves all races especially black guys

    • Warlloyd says:

      She says on her Tumblr that she’d date all races, but apparently, has never dated a black guy before. I need to be where she lives.

  2. Tim says:

    Kind of figure she was not just the average American white broad cause she has a banging figure. British broads are thick like that for real.

  3. queso says:

    In my opinion she look better in her clothes than she look out of them…ass is big and wide..not round.

  4. Ttown419 says:

    Man I would smash the hell outta this chick..dat azz look like a big soft a** brick-pillow

  5. BootMeat12 says:

    looks like abig russian chick..

  6. DropHop says:

    finally a chick with a big a$$ and some tits!!! She’s not a 10 but IMO you can’t be a 10 without tits AND a$$.You know who I’m talking about

  7. Hood Ass Nigga says:

    Thats beautiful “Martin Lawrence voice”

  8. reg says:

    GOAT MY ASS!!! She gud but NOT BETTER THAN COCO just better than the average snow bunny take her dwn a few notches

  9. Originalman says:

    Exactly Reg she is just thicker then the avg white girl. She actually has a big wide ass.

  10. nikedutch says:

    For sure she smashable no doubt about it but yo fellas check this site out after going there my eyes cant blink lol lol

  11. prince_kosmic says:

    She is overweight. Pass

  12. judge joe brown says:

    hell yeah im smashin that phat white cakes…and if u not then 1 u gay or 2 u confused or 3 u not feeling good today and its effin wit ur judgejoebroment…*slams the gavel*..damn punks

  13. CHIEFROCKA#1 says:

    She need to get into porn and stop bs’n!

  14. AT-THE-READY says:

    Ive been following this girl for years. I dont care what none of yall say. Triple hulk smash all day long!

  15. Cowboy says:

    This chick is the truth…and I’ll definitely tsake her over CoCo for 2reasons….REAl TITTAS and way less makeup….

  16. notelliiot says:

    Well I for one am white and think she is incredible. Of course I’m a little older and have better taste than most white guys. lol

    • reefmoney says:

      well you can have her….it appears only white guys who magically happen to like thick women can have her

  17. Sean Coonery says:

    The chick is Canadian or some ish. Pacific Northwest somewhere. Not a whole lot of black dudes up there. White boys probably think she’s fat but look at that waist.

    I liked Mal better when she first started. Her face was thinner. If you remember she put up videos on YouTube to document her weight loss. But like most white chicks who get gassed up by black men all pretense of losing weight has gone out the window.

    That’s one thing I give my whiteboy brethren, bitches be killin’ themselves to look good for them but when we get ‘em they just say fuck it and let the shit hang outtt.

    She’s still cute though. Hulk SMASH

  18. ljkidd says:

    she hasn’t dated a black guy?…as a white girl she’ll be ostracized [family and friends]; for crossing the color line with a black guy;asians ,arabs ,latinos[mex]are considered honorary “white guys”-black guys are taboo soshe knows better like most white girls

  19. andres says:

    She is an amazing girl, I know that she is not into porn but when she will start I want to be the first Mexican guy to fuck her !!!

  20. ROBERT says:

    she do look hot in most of her picture.she a nice looking pawg who can wear them leggings

  21. ROBERT says:

    she a ten in my book,she got better sexier hips than nicky minaj

  22. cody says:

    a man in this world has had is dick jacked off by her ass cheeks…just saying.

    • joesay says:

      Very true! And she cute wears little make-up, little waist nice hips amdthighs, and ass is pretty good, and nice rack!

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