Mal Malloy Morning Thick Em’s (Video)

· October 27, 2011

Thickness Thursday morning thick em’s winner PAWG Mal Mallow has a cult like following on the strength of her Youtube videos. Describing her body to someone who never seen her before would should like a urban myth. She is built like a sista but she still needs to tighten up.Are you feeling Mal Malloy?

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  1. juwellz says:

    I was feeling her till I heard her voice. But she built like no other tho, I would def try and squeeze those cheeks.



      • reef215 says:


        GUESS WHAT SHE DOESNT LIKE BLACK GUYS!!! I don’t give a shit that i don’t have any concrete proof, but I do have anecdotal proof!


        I was curious, cuz someone on youtube said something about her liking black guys and I decided to do some quick research. Here is what I found on her own website.

        Anonymous asked: give a example of a celebrity you find very hot and one you find repellent.
        Hrm… I suppose Jason Isaacs is very hot to me and…Doug Hutchinson is particularly repellant.

        ok, not such a big deal that her “most desired” man is not a man of color (black, hispanic, even cherokee indian…) but it always tell me something about a person. And what it tells me is that the men who desire her the most…she doesn’t desire them with the same intensity. so you best believe any black guy she would date would be AT least a consolation prize that she did not want.

        • Reef215 says:

          So then im thinking…well its 2011, a woman like that had to been approached by HOARDES of men of color. So she had to at least date a least one black guy before. So i see if somebody asked that question…….and low and behold someone did asked her that question and to my surprise she said

          Anonymous asked: Have you ever dated a black guy before?
          Nope, never dated a black guy before.
          —and this question was answered on 10/21/11—

          are you kidding me…..ARE YOU #$%# KIDDING ME….she’s been doing professional dvd videos since NOVEMBER 2010 and she has not seen at least ONE #$%# BLACK GUY THAT IS SMART/ATTRACTIVE/FUNNY enough to date? NOT #$%# ONE!

          She is inundated with offers all the time, she closed her Facebook down because of all the messages she would receive. I am almost guessing that the majority of those messages came from men of color.

          Just look at the followers on her twitter THE MAJORITY OF THEM ARE BLACK. and I know I cant prove it but I am pretty sure some of them sent her a request too “get to know her better”. And its not just twitter…I am sure whatever city she in, or cities she visit, she got approached by black men. Most bad…but some good. And out of all the creeps, freaks, and weirdos there are more than enough of educated, respectful, smart, successful, attractive black men who HAD TO HIT ON HER!

          I think she hasn’t dated one is because she is JUST LIKE SUELYN she has no problem marketing to black men and getting their money but she wouldn’t touch them unless it was extremely beneficial. She has a deal with Indos place…which to my knowledge is AN URBAN SITE FOR MODELS. Which is more proof that she KNOWS who her primary target market is. And guess what its not men like #$%# Jason Isaacs

          And here we are…all googled eyed over this #$%#, giving her views, which might turn into dollars and she dont even view us as desirable.

          • queso says:

            @REEF I don’t think Hahz gonna research if a spanish or white broad ever dated or like black dudes for a bunch of cats agreeing or disagreeing if she got a fat ass or not! He puts up black chicks that I’m sure are dikes…or black chicks who prefer a spanish dick….all we wanna see is how fat the ass is and talk shit about what we would do it it…nuttin more..nuttin less.

          • Hahz says:

            thanks it’s all visual enjoyment pleasure some folks get to deep with it.

          • queso says:

            He could put a Klan shorty up there wit a dam hood on her head wit a crazy fat ass and we alll gonna talk shit about how fat her ass is and what we would do to it…I don’t think nobody on here care what sexual or racial preference some chick got all we care about is the DONK.

          • Dbravado says:

            Dude I see where you’re coming from and I made the same observation as you did…. however, in the US in certain parts of the country, a white woman getting with a black man is very taboo, certain porn stars don’t get with black guys because of their families would think, funnily enough. She loves the comments we make though and I’m sure the idea has crossed her mind many times.

        • nonya business says:

          Guess what?I’m white and I’m in love with her.she’s the sweetest person I ever heard try to do this type off stuff.clearly its not her thing and u can tell deep down she’s not comfortable.she’s doing this cause it PAYS.she’s clearly blessed and she’s using it cause she’s SMART.I hate how these black guys hound her cause u know 80%percent of them just want to “hit that” but I belive she has standards and good intentions.I wish I seen her in real person I bet she’s a wicked kickass bright beautiful girl in person.she loves video games and movies and guns and outdoorsy stuff.we’d click instantly.fact.but ya I gotta agree half with ya she don’t like black men,she respects them but she doesn’t perfer them.but ya wrong about white guys likeing her cause where I’m from she’s a friggin sensation

          • reefmoney says:

            I know this is late as hell to reply …but if you’re right, then how come white men don’t have magazines like King, Smooth, Straight Stuntin, etc come a song dedicated to the woman’s ass (big ass) was never sung (She’s a brick house, sir mix a lot – i like big butts)

            i dont doubt that its possibly some white men out there who like her, but they’re in the minority like black men who only like skinny women.

            and my last point is that if she dont prefer black men thats fine….black men need to stop feeding her money, through views (ads), purchasing her dvd, calendars, etc

  2. BelleBoi says:

    BelleBoi Approved

  3. Rio4me says:

    That body is kickin like Bruce Lee! Small waist, curvacious hips, and bubbly tatas have incredible proportions. And it’s all real. Can she hold that shape 5 yrs from now? I’d hit, but the future is shaky!

  4. scog81 says:

    Damn thats a Thick Pawg. I’m Feeling her & Smashing her Azz!!!

  5. Red(G.I.C.) says:

    interesting shape for a white girl

    i’d have to see her bucket naked to determine would i smash

  6. B Strait UP says:

    Helllllllllll yeah I’m smashing her!!! She damn sure is thick as hell. She has a ok face but them damn hips are bananas LOL. I’m bending her right over that lil azz kitchen table then gon have her to make me sumthin to eat lmao

    • queso says:

      Agreed…these snowflakes makin a comeup …I see a good amount out here that could crush a lot of sistas my dude. I know a few personally…especially them italian chicks

      • 850 says:

        I agree she’s real nice. Not my cup of tea at all but she’s descent can’t lie.

        • T-Fleezee says:

          @850. I usually don’t do white girls either but she’s the exception 2 the rule! She stupid thick & i’m definitely going in!

          • B Strait UP says:

            @tfleezee, ***mal malloy voice***..” going in on who?? Boy u sell klick klax and British knights shoes so ain’t no way in hell imma let u smash!!!, now where is b strait so I can get gorilla smashed”….lmfao!!!

      • ld4644 says:

        I agree Queso.I see Italians with donks all the time. I know an Italian that has a booty to waist ratio that is craaaazy. If i ever mess with a white chick it will def be an Italian.

  7. moorfedayeen says:

    Clone her!



  8. realtalkldn says:

    im smashing her waist is incredible, nice breasts and a big ass

  9. Cdubb77 says:

    Yeah, her body is right. Hips are CRAZY!

    • jfizzle says:

      @E410, good looking out dude!!

    • Shizzarp says:

      I love a good pawg, and looking at the other vids posted really didnt do her justice till you posted this link….DAMNNN thats one wonder bread that would positively get it… she thick all over crazy camel toe too thats more like a moose knuckle..

      • 850 says:

        @E10 man good looking out bro!!!!! I don’t do white women @ all but she’s on point like a MF. I would light her azz up for real.

        @Shizzarp all I have to say is got dayum!!!!!!

        @B-straight man everything is crazy on her. Her stomach is flat, she has hips,breast face isn’t bad. All she needs to do is get a nice tan and she’s in like a MF.

  10. seattleslim says:

    yea mane I been on this broad sh!t for a minute now, I was wondering if hahz would ever post her, and she from my state too please beleive I been on the lookout!

  11. Quai-Quai_19 says:

    Hell yeah!!! I love PAWGs!!

  12. seattleslim says:

    She from my state too so I been on the lookout for her. that body is crazy and it’s really not sloppy at all!

  13. John Smalls says:

    Joint right! Coke bottles for real! White boys don’t know do with all them curves! She gotta be fucking the BROTHERS!!!

  14. Bullcity Bandit says:

    That’s crazy, them hips….DAMN!

  15. LouieV says:

    I’m not really into white chicks but this ill love to take down. She sexy as hell. Dude wit the other video put me on. She make that black chyna bitch look stupid.

  16. DonkRida says:

    I would love to tap that. Look at that little waist. Then she’s a country chic & you know she official with the head game. Strait up!

  17. Greg4422 says:

    It’s the jeans, soon and she take them off, that ass will turn into pure cellulite.

    • Fool Me Never says:

      I was thinking the same thing until I saw her thong vid. Suprising that @ss has almost no cellulite just enough to let you know that it’s real

  18. 67chevy says:

    She is destined to marry a black guy.

    • Reef215 says:

      Same thing I thought….Please see my post above….

      She only destined to USE a Black guy…I don’t know about marrying one, as she is not attracted to us.

      Im not spamming just heated.

      • Hahz says:

        If you never meet her how would assume what her preferences are in men? She could live in ND where there is no black people. Who really cares this ain’t

        • DonkRida says:

          Lol @Hahz, yo Hahz check out my link below homie.

        • reef215 says:

          she doesnt live in ND, she works with black people from indosplace who sells her dvd, all im saying that why worship people who dont even consider you attractive…thats all im saying…

          i lived in a part of philly called kensington and it used to be so many white and rican girls who loved black people style, slang, clothing….everything. basically wiggers…but they wouldnt date black guys cuz they thought “ricans and white boys who act black” was cuter.

          basically the channing tatum effect. if you ever go to a club 90 of the dancers are of ethnic descent. but the movies are made staring white people? why is that?

          • Hahz says:

            After hearing that story I understand why u put so much negative energy in caring about a bunch of BS.. my advice is just LET IT GO

  19. Mo says:

    “Oh Mal…Let Hulk Count The Ways….”

  20. Cease says:

    That thong video took her video career to the next level

  21. Tip CHOP $hape says:

    “NOW DATS A PAWG, A GEN-U-WINE OHIO-THICK, WHYTE TRAILER-TRASH, YUM-YUM GIMME SUM, MADE 4 A MUTHAFU*KIN’ NIGGA, CORNBREAD-OX TAILS SOUP-SWEET POTATO PIE EATIN’,COLT 45 DOUBLE-MALT DRINK’n PAWG” (three gangsters frum “Harlem Nights” when SunShine walks in)”Theoretically I don’t LOOK at Whyte Girls, but she’s pHuckin’ Gorgeous!!”…& she got IT on da’ 8’s..38D-28-48; 5’2, 155lbs. Hahz, she’s a KEEP-her.

  22. MalleG's says:

    Damn, this PAWG is official, love my sisters, but I gotta give props when they’re due, and this jawn can get it!

    • Reef215 says:

      well keep loving your sister MalleG’s cuz Mal don’t have no love for Malle….please see my post above.

      I know it looks like I’m spamming but I’m tired of these $#R$#R$ getting away with using our media to make us look like fools.

  23. jmoney says:

    she can def get it…seems down to earth…boyd is crazy…i thought she was superbad before loosing weight…body is killer. please stop with the “black chicks are the only thick ones” nonsense. yall gotta get out more. tons of northen and eastern euros are stupid thick

  24. John says:

    Yeah soon as those pants drop all that flubber being held up is gonna fall too….get over the big butts

  25. just_glaze says:

    nah son. she gotta lose like 70 lbs or more

  26. true blackman says:

    she is out cold

  27. gphi says:

    I agree Hahz, she needs to tighten up, that’s way too much butt for me, that butt looks like a water melon…NO THANKS. I wonder what kind of dog that is though, I’m a “dog lover”. My Rottweiler Roxi is pictured in my message board avatar pic, she died Nov. 3, 2007, I miss my baby. PEACE!!!

  28. jmoney says:

    yall can have those skin and bone broads…give me something thick with plenty of thickness.

    this broad is built for punishment…alot of yall dudes sound like broads in disquise

    • Cold and Hot says:

      For real I ain’t got nothing against slim jawns cause they sexy too but a thick chick it don’t matter the race, can get it. Like I said some people may think they out of style but I don’t especially when they built like this white girl lol.

  29. Chi Capitan says:

    White chicks do nothing for me. But its nice to see a thick one that embraces her body type. Most white chicks built like this think they are fat

    • Cold and Hot says:

      Naw bruh you’ll be more surprised to see that it’s the sistas who think they’re fat now, all these black video models losing they thickness. I see a lot white and Latina girls built like this and they love the attention they get from brothas, they do embrace it.

      • B Strait UP says:

        @cold and hot, but the sisters aren’t losing the weight becuz they think they’re fat, its so they can appeal to other races and put themselves in a position for a bigger paycheck. Beyonce,j hud,keisha cole all lost weight for their careers,whereas bria myles and others do it for a opportunity to further their modeling careers. It’s a big difference between being in Kay slays magazine and doing a cosmo photo shoot LOL..****wayans brothers voice***..”mo money,mo money,mo money”..lmao

  30. Fantasygirl says:

    Hmmmmm surprised at the comments because normally the majority on here would be calling her fat, needs to tone up or saying after a kid or two she’s gonna be big etc, etc.

  31. juice says:

    man that bi fat as all outdoors… cmon my niggaz get ya mind right

  32. COWBOY says:

    Good Lord…..That’s gotta be the best PAWG i’ve seen….Yall think she fu@#$#@ng witk Elke The Stallion???

  33. Gold Mouth says:


  34. Southwestern says:

    It’s surprising to see so many of y’all aren’t familiar with her. Her videos been shutting s$$t down for a minute now. She got that little innocence to her that makes you just want to destroy her.

  35. deedog says:

    I’ll plug her no doubt!

  36. Joe Blow says:

    Ehh, she coo. Not a lot of curvature, but hip game is ridic.

    Funny how she got in the biz is cause she wanted to show her weight loss. Then thirsty azz ni**as was blowing her head up, telling her she was fine the way she was. Then she gained all the weight back and then some and started “modeling”.

    Man, I’m glad I smashed a couple PAWG’s back in the day, they were an easy come up until the past 10 years. Now, they’re no easier to smash than a black girl with a fatty.

    • Fantasygirl says:

      Black men hype up anything they act like they’ve never seen before. It’s like opening a new pair of sneakers for some of them.

      • 850 says:

        Now Fantasy girl us black men don’t say a damn thing when black women be putting us down for something new. I don’t care for white women are there some attractive white women out there hell yeah!!!!! Would I take one home to momma hell to the naw. Do I love my sisters hell to the yeah. But don’t take this the wrong way Fantasygirl u cool in my books.

  37. One Slug Managment says:

    Yeah she looking right today,but as soon as she have a baby it’s a wrap!! Oh and to reef what’s the point in that comment you made about who she like and who she don’t like. If you know her biggest fan base is black men,then she must know it too right? Tell me then why she keep doing these videos? Hmm? I seen her in thongs,skimpy halloween outfits,laying in the washing machine with a thong on,even seen her topless in the tub fam. She keep doing this ish because she curious fam. If a brother ain’t tapped yet,it’s on the way trust me.

  38. uptown rae says:

    I’D eat that azzz wit Log Cabin maple syrup , imagine that azz oiled up lol lol lol

  39. mr.portcity says:

    Sumthing to smash for the nite and leave before day lite…seen her vids before str8 ram material but very boring and random

  40. TYBO2020 says:


  41. TYBO2020 says:


  42. Jimmy89 says:

    all hips a lil ass. im sure there is a lil black blood down the line about 300 yrs

  43. fucdapolice says:

    Thick white girl in the kitchen banging pots = win

  44. satch says:

    kennewick washington is where she is from, that is south central washington state i am sure there are not many bros there. but if you come to seattle you see bad pawgs like her all day long

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