Lyfe Jennings is not stranger to trouble even after his last high speed car chase with the law he still hasn’t learned his lesson. Lyfe was in the club last night acting a fool spraying every one and everything with champagne. After spraying the DJ and host who announced on the mic to chill out with the champagne. Security came to Lyfe Jennings VIP section about the incident which ended in a shoving incident. Once that happened all the security and police rushed to his VIP section to escort Lyfe Jennings and crew out the building. Lyfe was white boy wasted after leaving the club and jumps out his limo to the front to try to pay the waitress. Blame it on the A a a a a alcohol.

Lyfe Jennings Getting Kicked Out The Night Club from on Vimeo.



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  • sassy_chic

    he is almost 40 time to give up the thug life..

  • tre3227

    nigga need to chill

  • Atlvixen09

    Lyfe is so whack… He sprayed all the chicks in the VIP, the Dj and even the host. Shame on Opera for letting z list celebrities rock the VIP. lol