In 2003, Lupe Fiasco’s former mentor and business partner, Charles “Chilly” Patton, was caught with 6 kilos of heroin with a street value of $1 million, when police raided his home.


Patton was convicted in 2007 of masterminding a drug ring in Chicago and sentenced to 44 years in prison.

Fiasco and Patton co-owned the 1st and 15th record label. Today the “Kick Push” rapper is being accused of helping Patton hide proceeds from his illegal drug business.

Charles Patton


Patton’s estranged wife, Inita, has filed a lawsuit against Lupe, accusing him of helping to funnel more than $9 million into various bank accounts in an effort to hide the money from her. Inita is in the process of divorcing Patton. She believes her soon-to-be ex-husband and Lupe are attempting to prevent her from getting her hands on some of the money as part of the divorce settlement. Lupe’s laywer told TMZ that there is no truth to the accusation.

“There are no secret accounts and no illicit instructions,” the attorney said.

Lupe replies..

  • Baby its over with! File your divorce and go your azz somewhere and sit down. Lupe & chilly grinded in the streets of the westside of Chi to hard to lose money to a chick LOL. I bet lupe & jayz even had convo’s on how to ghost some big cash without a trace.

  • Xman

    “I don’t like y’all gangster rappers who promote drug
    dealing and gang banging.” Free Chilly though

    • FnF was started with “street funds” but nobody knew that because lupe never promotes street life! So lupe has stayed true to his message. His boy chilly is virtually a unknown to the masses…..unless u live here in chitown. But he gotta suffer for what he did in the street!! Everybody always holla “free whoever” when its their people even when they know the person did wrong LOL

  • OTIS….

    he shitting on her in the tweets lol