Ludacris Wifey Eudoxie Celebrate Her Birthday Pics

· May 16, 2011

Luda and Eudoxie Agnan aka Fab married status according to her updated Facebook account.

But her longtime boyfriend, rapper Ludacris, continues to deny that any nuptials took place at the end of last year. Additionally, his friends say if it was up to his mother, Roberta Shields, who manages his Ludacris Foundation, there would be no marriage taking place at any time in his near future.SR

Luda helped Fab celebrate her 24th birthday at Compound nightclub on Saturday night in Atlanta. I didn’t know she was thick like that and she is foreign that is a win win.

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  2. pceezy says:

    ,,,lol,,,,,,LUDA LIKE YEAAAAA LOOK AT THAT THANG!!!!…in pic 4

  3. retro says:

    props to luda because he knew he had a wifey type chick this woman is well educated and smart i am glad to see he let those videos hoes go im truly proud of this guy

  4. Cold and Hot says:

    Damn shawty need to do magazines or something on the side. Luda got a winner right there.

  5. TBM says:

    Damn that shape is incredible!

  6. G 26's says:

    luda winning like charlie sheen

  7. gphi says:

    Not a bad looking lady. PEACE!!!

  8. Poppichuloco says:

    That b1tch is fine as hell, Luda don’t even know where to start with that.

    Stay Thirsty & Work!

  9. Gilly1914 says:

    See now THIS is winning F a video hoe…this chick went and got a serious degree and just so happened to cop a rapper! So aye can’t knock Luda…he doing his thang but like Rex say “With fame & fortune” hell you can pull anything…game no game anything shit.

  10. HaitianChick says:

    Because she is foreign she is a “win?” Define foreign. You mean non-American which is pretty common these days so I’m wondering what the big hoo-ha is about.

    Side note: I’m a History major and can’t ever find the time to go out but so called “med school” mami over here is always boo’ed up with Luda. Man, how many semesters did this chick take off to be with her man? Hope she graduates before 30.

    • Hahz says:

      Foreign : Not from America

      • crabapples says:

        i was wondering the same thing. hahz what does being foreign have to do with it being a win?

        • Hahz says:

          If you never had a relationship with a non American women then you wouldnt understand how they treat verse dating a American women.

    • Mo says:

      LOL I agree it was rumored that she took a yr off to travel the world with him then she just went back, he paid all her student loans and she is back in school…the fact that i know this angers even myself! lol

  11. still118 says:

    s/o 2 rudy huxtable…damn let me hold u 4 a warm embrace! #justsayin

  12. babyross says:

    Go Luda! Contrats

  13. come on that is all guys look at is the assets. What happens if she gets f@ck up in car accident. Then what, she is nice looking girl.

  14. Anais says:

    Vs ls americains vs ne voulez pas voir ls autres percez tjs entrain d la go a trouvé sn bonheur why kongosser.laissez les gens avancez.

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