Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 2 (BTS) Video

· December 16, 2012

Last Friday night Joseline Hernandez celebrated her birthday at The Jungle during a living taping of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season 2. Joseline was greeted by her man Stevie J and friends Deelishis, Kamille Leai, Sheneka Adams, Tommy Lee and more. Check out the video below, Pt.2 coming Monday..


Joseline Hernandez

Stevie J

Kamille Leai


Kamille Leai,Guest, Sheneka Adams

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Discussion7 Comments

  1. MASSACRE210 says:

    who’s the chick in the black leather jacket and pants?

  2. wobeli says:

    Kamille is pretty af to me, the blonde is whatever but she’s still good. Sheneka is real hot here. But I like Dee’s overall look in the white with the glasses. Whew those pants fittin’ right, she’s my pick for the night.

  3. Greg4422 says:

    Still love Shenellica

  4. The Man says:

    her ass looks deflated. no longer interested.

  5. Yes says:

    Kamille leai resembles a tranny

  6. Andre says:

    I thought these h0es was be on the next season of LHHATL.

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