“Love and Hip Hop Atlanta” cast member K. Michelle became the subject of controversy when the singer accused music producer and former boyfriend Mickey “Memphitz” Wright of domestic violence. After Memphitz told the world that he “made” K.Michelle by getting her teeth fixed along with other cosmetic procedures, pictures of her former chompers have begun to surface.

K. Michelle, born Kimberly Paton, has not denied receiving cosmetic surgery on her mouth and even took to Instagram to clown herself.

“I love these new teeth! Hahahahahaha,” the singer wrote on her Instagram account on Monday, showcasing her new smile. “No more chewing rocks for me.”

However, some fans seemed shocked to see what her former teeth looked like when an image surfaced on Twitter.

“These K. Michelle’s old teeth,” one person questioned on the social networking website. “Thanks Memphitz a little.”

  • Ehh, well if u got the money to fix ur teeth then.its.all.good LOL. K Michelle shouldnt be trippin about this at all

    • Realtalkin




    • MoorFedayeen

      Oh you saw that too huh? That mans teeth were JACKED! That was back when he was young though. TI had his teeth done too but I think they’re too big and u can tell by the way he talks now.



        • MoorFedayeen

          No I didn’t notice but I know Eve had her teeth done long ago too. They call it the Hollywood smile. My teeth are pretty str8 but if I ran into some big bread I’d get one too. Oh we can’t forget Megan Goods twisted teeth either in Eve’s Bayou. You would never know looking at her now.

  • Tony Money

    Whats funny is that not one of them women on Love and Hip Hop admitted they had a fake butt lol K.Michelle, Joseline, Karlie all have fake butts lol.

    • MisterMidas

      Did you do the surgery..so how do u know bro? Now, personally I believe Karli’s is faker than a $4 bill…cause her shiit just look akward as fukk. But K.Michelle is a thick down south chick…that most definately gotta be real. Joseline got a tight, athletic azz. And I remember her saying she works out 3hrs a day, so her’s could definately be real too. But Karli’s….no chance.

      • Nope, Ks is fake too, she’s had her teeth fixed, breast implants and butt augmentation and/or implants (all thanks to Memphitz). I know she had butt implants because she wanted them, Memphitz didn’t think she needed them because she was already nice in the rear.

        • PapiChulo

          True all three of them had brazilan butt jobs, trust from florida and been to so many strip clubs that i can tell majority of time when broad got a butt job done, the legs tell it all, k michelle has the most natural look but that azzzz is fake,breast , and teeth fake

      • dusty

        just because shes from down south doesnt make it reaL! its fake

        • MisterMidas

          I still wanna know, how yall know its fake. I need more than “Memphitz bought it for her” as proof. Hell she said he lied about 90% of the shiit he says, and he says the same about her, so who does that lead you to believe…neither, thats who. You show me some before and after pics, and then we can talk.

          • Tony Money

            Man shut the fuk up lol, u need proof. You dint know shyt about “down south girls” nicca don’t u know that less than 1% of girls admit they ass fake because it’s taboo right now.

          • MisterMidas

            @TonyMoney bitch azz nicca you shut the fukk up. With yo ignorant azz, invisible…outta the side of your azzhole stats n shiit! Talking bout I dont know about down south girls, muthafukka you dont know shiit about shiit.

            It would take a small minded azz nicca like yourself to believe whatever they hear, just because they heard it from somebody else. Intelligent, non gossip believing GROWN MEN like myself…NEED PROOF! Like the saying goes “Believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear.” But im sure yo stupid azz probably never HEARD that before, huh….stupid azz niccas I swear.

      • Mister Mister

        It’s obvious Joseline had work down you can Google that. I was surprised at how old she is, she act like she’s in her early-to-mid 20s. But according to mug shots floating around the Web, she’s about 35.

        I know Stevie is an older cat cuz he’s been around since the days of Biggie, I’m assuming Mimi is the same.

        SMH @ these old heads acting like this on TV….for the love of money

        • MoorFedayeen

          Mister you’re 100% right on the age part but who pays them to act like this?

  • chillax

    That photo is FAKE as hell……look at the side teeth and then the photoshopped front teeth

  • InsiderofHipHop

    Now…I question K.Michelle’s integrity because if asked and can lie about breast augmentation…why not lie about every thing else? Memphitz truly paid for the butt and guess what?…he has receipts.

    Only ones on show who don’t have butt implants is Mimi, and Rasheeda.

    • It was her money from her music contract.

    • MisterMidas

      He has receipts huh? Show em to me. Oh say what…you cant, cause you dont have them around to show? Ok….moving right along.

  • LouieV

    Damn near every bird on here got a fake ass. Except Portia.

  • downbydariver

    Fuck Portia, she aint pluggin wit Tia Simone or Kyra Chaos but u know yung niggaz are hard headed…

    • DonkRida®

      ^^^^ True…

      • MoorFedayeen

        Keep that sh1t 1 Hunnid!

  • BzB

    lol @ chewing rocks. shorty had a gator grill. looks much better now.

    i don’t mind people getting their grill worked on. some of the body work goes too far though. plus we just don’t know what’s going to happen to these women’s bodies in 10 years. nice to look at though..

    • MoorFedayeen

      Haha and look at that picture up there. Look like Jerome Jerome off Martin.

  • Whattt

    I don’t see a problem with getting your teeth fixed if you got the money. People who wear braces are fixing their teeth too. I wouldn’t be suprised if Memphitz or Toya supplied the picture of K. Michelle prior to getting her teeth fixed. They seem to want to constantly spend alot of energy to try to break K. Michelle. But, it keeps back-firing (look at Rasheeda, Karlie, Toya and Tamar). They have all jumped into the ring and got the sh** twisted. Does it really take four females to jump on one woman (to defend a guy, whom 3 of them are not married too) and expect most people to believe that the one woman (K. Michelle) is the bully?