If you seen any of these women out you would tap ya man and say “Look at the girl with dem daisy dukes on”..

  • mmmm. it’s almost turn up time H.

  • BnBHP

    Blondie w/ green shoes… first pic

  • RED(MGC)

    Left Side:2,4,7
    Right Side:2 and 6


  • 850

    1(right) 4,6,11,12,13

    • Playboy69

      @850…I’m surprise that you are not protesting this post because this post NEEDS SOME CHOCOLATE GIRLS!….WHERE IS THE CHOCOLATE?….LOL!

  • MoorThugRelated

    How u gonna have a post like this w/o Bette??

    And smh, now @Prest gonna go put his dukes on.

    • RED(MGC)

      You thinking about a man wearing shorts smh.

      I guess we’ll be getting @Moorgaycomments from you in 2014

  • ladiesman13

    anybody knows the names of the girls in the first picture?

  • crabapples

    this is a style i’m very happy to see return!