• Hollow don’t have a soul to console his role as a demon out of control, at least in that face off’ it showed. His lack of control over his emotions Pastor Lux go exercise his devotion to baptise demons God expelled from the legion of hell regions of demonic commotion heathens leadin the chosen is treason ”the omen” a deacon is awoken a non spoken threat out in the open like a gypsy with bag of potions.
    A potent threat with a half broken neckless token a curse unbroken toat’en with a crest shape, moods shaped by the moves of the waves in moon phases predicted my quest to gather tribes in the west to inject a undoctored doctrine in the minds of the elect to suggest I should stop this bequest off with their heads the rest is fed poison by the anointed cleft loaded with white folded sheets molded priest scolded speeches to the unclovened sheep like animals off to slaughter house where I barter out heads and hearts to cannibals in exchange for black magic candles rituals for this channeled entity interest me like penalties on master cards not tarot in regard to slashed throats this last hope for humans is loomin and gloomin lights a beacon of Christ in the midst of leeches snakes, and mice screeches and screams at night it seems they might …… Let me stop and go my corny ass to sleep.

  • Hollow had the right strategy, he just don’t have the word play and delivery to compete with Lux on this level.

    • Greg4422


  • LovieVtheKING

    Lux is the greatest of battle rapping

  • seattleslim

    Lux bars could be used on anyone! Hollow broke him down schematically! Hollow 2-1

  • Maurice

    Loaded lux 2-1

  • Dela Creme

    I thought Hollow won 2-1.