Page 31 was in attendance at CMG Entertainment rapper M$G’s mixtape release party at AM Studios in Midtown Manhattan when CMG CEO Cisco Resado announced they’ve signed magazine cover model Tahiry Jose to an artist management deal. After announcing Tahiry’s new career path, Resado premiered a snippet of Tahiry’s first release ti*led “Devil,” which seems to be a blend of melody and rap.

Celebrity guests such as Tank, Jennifer Williams, Melyssa Ford, Jack Thriller, Rich Dollaz, and Uncle Murda were also on the scene. Tahiry is set to star on the upcoming season of Love and Hip Hop New York.

  • R.E.D.BP World Order

    More azz shots………No music

    • Did you even listen to it?

      • MoorFedayeen

        I didn’t listen to it but I gotta agree with @Red on this one. Unless she on some Noni Zondi type stuff with the vids, aint nobody checkin for none of this.

        • So fellas basically after a model is published there is no love given to any other ventures she decides to do after that?

          • MoorFedayeen

            Wtf we look like Hahz, her support group? It aint about love, its about the quality of the product and if it lacks then don’t expect cats to check for it. Cuz was doin all the singing. You sure that’s her song?

          • I am not talking about specifically her, it seems like any models next venture get automatically shot down.

          • MoorFedayeen


            What’s with you? Why U saving ’em so much today. I supported Buffie on something positive but she has no skills so whatchu expect from us all? Donate $1 a month?

        • desolation

          i dnt think i could support any model tryna branch out.I say once your golden years have passed in urban modeling, get a real job b/c its gonna be hard to get ppl to take you seriously enough to invest in you for a job like this. look at pinky. she should’ve been doing singing from jump if that’s what she really wanted to do. I understand urban modeling is becoming crowded, every big booty judy on the block everywhere who dont wanna work or go to school is tryna do it. So, its not paying as much, which is why the major players (buffy, melissa ford, e.baxter) are moving in other directions. However, as us real folk know, your past or work history catches up to you.Imo, urban modeling is almost like doing soft core porn. It certainly may hurt your reputation if you try to do professional corporate work for instance. It also dont help that she has a picture of herself almost bare ass naked in JR smith’s bed. How in the world could you take a broad like that seriously ? She better get a hold of buffy and ask her will she cut checks for doing the hoodrat exercise videos w/ her.

          • i agree here. chicks like buffy,melyssa,esther,and many others got the money while it was good. it wouldn’t surprise me if pinky got some long bread saved up somewhere. take jenna jameson for example..

          • So your saying once u become famous for urban modeling there isn’t anything you can do with your fame after that?

          • desolation

            @ HAHZ: I dont think so. Urban modeling will never go the way of the dodo, but it i dont see it ever having another golden age. fame never lasts forever. Whats hot today will be lame come 6 months later. At the end of the day, she will always have that stigma from her modeling days hanging over her head. She can do the singing thing if she wants but how many ppl do you think are gonna take really give her a shot ? I mean look at angel lola luv , gloria velez & vida guerra. Who is checkin for their albums ? Tahiry is in the same boat. The ppl have spoken, they dnt wanna buy music from ex booty models tryna turn rappers or singers. As I said before, she should just get a buffy or find a quiet job (if they’ll hire her).

  • hmm,this is cool..she got this music thing going,got her own show mag cover,and she fitting to be on LHHNY. Tahiry on the come up.

  • big bread

    Baby should’ve did acting…we have too many mucisians

  • Mister Mister

    He put her on the spot with the singing along with the words & I dunno if she got shy, but she didn’t sound good live. Straight studio voice. Really don’t see her popping off. It’s extremely hard to make a transition from vixen to somebody to be taken seriously. Jennifer Lopez is probably the only one I can think off the top of my head.

    The song doesn’t sound too bad, although it would have probably been better with a Rihanna on it (although she’s limited vocally herself).

  • Pose

    Cosign with folks on this. Once an urban model, always an urban model. Why they all pursuit the same type of ishh? Why not try getting math degree or somethin’? Does good look = good actor? Hell naw. They all use that urban model stuff & fame to launch some other dreams… Why didn’t she try to sing first & then be a urban model??

    That is the down side of being an urban model. The money might be good at first, but that stuff stick to you for the rest of your life.

    Don’t put you booty in everybody’s face and after be like “You know I can sing too!”

  • damnshame

    WTF is this izh……

  • I AM REX !!!!!

    Hahz why u tryin to take up for this bullshhh dog??? She cant RAP n she can’t sing and if she do somebody’s writing it got her,its gonna sound just Like the rest of this GARBARRGE we hear on radio nobody’s gonna take an azz model serious dude especially in the game of hip-hop,GTFO HURR WITH THIS BULLSHH,LOL..

  • judge joe brown

    Its not the booty model thing…its our minds… our minds have been made up by a constant connection between what we see hear taste touch and smell…we get used to a norm and need that constant norm to operate the same …in order to learn more complex chit… if lex steel start rapping mind is going to be like bs cause of my sight not cause of what i hear…if they want to branch out they would have to change part of that expected norm by fooling or reducing the senses …people label u off the break before they know u so once they do know you the label has gorilla glue on that mf…there is no denied true talent cause when ppl sense it they can feel the realness in it…no B.S.

  • jamar

    the n!ggaz in the studio wit her probably dont even take her serious…they just playing along wit her,gassin her head up hoping they get some gratitude later on from her azz…c’mon,you know how n!ggaz do…allways wanna do a pretty b!tch a favor,hopin he smash it later on.