se* tapes dropping like albums now in days.Speaking of Lisa Raye she is in the Atl and will be filming her new reality show at Magic City today and hosting the amateur contest tomorrow night at 10pm.Click on the picture for the link..

  • Poppa Doc

    She got a nice body!!!!

  • firsatile

    awwwwwe sheeeeeyyyyyiiiiit I know Lisa Raye ol sexy ass aint got no show comin up__ I done nutted on myself already (figure of speech)

  • 87R3ll

    Wut Happen 2 The Link?

  • Mike

    How do you know that’s her sister? That tape been out on the net for several months now.

  • Mike

    Hmmm….I also thoght she claimed to only have one sister…half sister “Da Brat”. This is some BS story but hey a sextape is still a sextape though lol.

  • jfad

    yes can somebody post the link.

  • Exclusive

    Hey i seen this video before. its in my stash. Let me know who want it.

    • 757 lover boy

      send me a copy, want to see how chick gets down, like to see that thing in action

    • Maurice McFadden

      I need a copy

    • mike

      hey jusy send it to my email if you can. dont have a website

  • UmBrook

    I saw this tape. White boy was waxing that ass. It’s on, type “Large black chick does white boy” in the search. ONE.

  • Jaypream

    That’s a nice rack

  • 87R3ll

    man that b1tch look nasty as shit eeeewww dont waste ur time

  • Your-Favorite-Bloggers-Favorite-Blogger

    Just watched the tape nothing special about it, she need to do some crunches!

  • 901 Gangsta

    its sad man. way to many sextapes man. so sad. In other news: water is wet

  • weezyiswayne609

    she look like left eye..

  • weezyiswayne609

    901 gansta lol right…she looks like left eye in the pic r.i.p.

  • weezyiswayne609


  • 757 lover boy

    where’s the link, she look sexy from the breast up, wonder what else is she working with!! would love to be the one smashing that!!!