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  • Zeus

    Wyte girls and ball players…almost as natural as peanut butter and jelly!

    • Lois14785268

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  • truf

    In the 60/70s we were facing oppression and our top athletes did this…

    And now, we are facing oppression and our top athletes are playing horseshoe with basic white bishes.

    Aight, bet.

    • Renaissance Man

      Classic Post!

      I think of that picture quite often when I consider how today’s athletes follow the Michael Jordan blueprint on how they respond to social issues

    • Pose

      Spot on!! these athletes were real men, down for the cause… We got a bunch of sellouts nowadays. most of them.

    • truf

      To be fair, Bron, Melo, CP3, and Wade made a stand at the ESPY’s. And they are more elite than either of clowns pictured in this article with white girls.

      Still though, it ain’t enough of our athletes and entertainers standing up. Because the skills and art that has made them millions were cultivated in the hood when not one one peck@wood knew or cared who they were.

  • Mister Mister

    No surprise to see T.O. there

    These white broads want to party with the likes of us but not stand up with us when we’re still being oppressed & these dudes can’t even see that smh

    • Guntoter

      Thank you.

  • Kingsley

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