Lil Wayne Sues Quincy Jones’ Son for Unauthorized Use of Songs

· September 7, 2012

Lil Wayne is suing Quincy Jones’ son, Quincy Jones III, for using his songs without permission. The rapper filed a lawsuit that stated his songs from “Tha Carter III” such as “A Milli”, “Lollipop” and “Stuntin’ Like My Daddy” have been unauthorizedly used in a docu*entary about him.

According to TMZ, Wayne hated the movie, ti*led “The Carter”, although he allowed the cameras to follow him around. He claimed it was a “scandalous portrayal” of him. In his fight against the movie, Wayne prohibited the producers from using his music and asked for unspecified amount of damages.

Wayne also said in the suit, which was filed by Lavely & Singer, that Jones III and the other producers did not bother to ask his permission to use the songs in the first place.

Wayne himself was sued by producers Andrew “Drew” Correa and Marcos “Infamous” Rodriguez late last month for the unpaid royalties of “Tha Carter III”.

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  1. queso BP.1 says:

    I noticed while kevin hart was on stage hosting this nicca was bobbing his head listening to music..come on son!!

  2. jamar says:

    nothing original about “a milli”..samples from Tribe Call Quest.

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