Last night Lil Wayne performed live on a couch inside of Paris Hilton‘s crib in Los Angeles for her 32nd birthday party.

Weezy performed around 10 songs for the lucky people in attendance with Marley G standing next to him.
Earlier in the day, Tune also invited tattoo artist Jeff Plunkett to his Beverly Hills house. By looking at these photos, it looks like Wayne got “17″ tattooed on the side of his face. This is of course for 17th Ward – the neighborhood he grew up in Hollygrove, New Orleans


  • Big ALbert

    FAIL on Wayne’s part. Paris is a fukkking racist.

    • Fdat

      Wonder how many times she called him the N-word that night…

  • jamar

    even if i was invited….would not wanna be around these weirdos

  • VonG

    Lil Wayne is such an uncle tom. He was her hired bojanges for the night. Please inform Weezy that the Emancipation Proclamation was signed years ago.

  • Dawn_05

    Lil Wayne disappointed me. He knows she’s a racist yet he still performs for her? Smh.

  • G

    ugly. racist. cunt. b1tch.

  • Hot_Fiya

    he probably got paid $50K/$60K to be at this dumb skank’s party.

  • presto 2.5

    Fuk a Wayne…