Lil Wayne, Nivea, Lauren London & More Attend Reginae Carter’s 14th Birthday (Photos)

· November 30, 2012

Yesterday Reginae Carter held a roller skating party for her 14th birthday. Her parents, Lil Wayne and Toya Wright bought there baby everything from jewelry to a little puppy.

In attendance for the bash were a number of celebrities and their kids, including RHOA’s Kandi and her daughter Riley, LHHA’s Rasheeda and her family, The OMG Girlz, Young Money’s Chuckee, Lauren London, Nivea, Sarah Vivan and son and more!


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  1. DCAssLuva says:

    nivea got fat with some big titss lol i still never seen nivea or lauren’s baby by wayne I GUESS SOME CELEBS STILL DO KNOW HOW TOO KEEP THEY LIKE PRIVATE IN THIS MEDIA TWITTER CRAZY WORLD lol

  2. Sky2 says:

    She’s growing up fast

  3. Esko says:

    they must of rented out the whole skating rink.

  4. Chyna_doll says:

    I would of thought lil wayne would of brought her a car or something crazy.

  5. desolation says:

    I’m tryna figure out how wayne got all his baby mommas up in one venue like that. shoot, we all know it would’ve been some shit if wayne was a normal nigga.

    • Mister Mister says:

      I think it’s cuz he & Puffy got dumb bread. I’m still a lil skeptical that all of them get along so well like the pics tell.

      • desolation says:

        choich. a lot of women will go along with your bullshit if you got money or you’re a celebrity.

        • joe says:

          yeah you got his various baby mamas playin with each other’s kids like they auntie if Wayne aint got money they throwin thim little munchkins back wherever they came from AND all them smilin women turnin into naggin bit$hes. But man he’s livin it up.

  6. Jamez says:

    and bitches think this cute

  7. Prime706 says:

    Toya the best out of all his baby mommas Ian’s I say that cause she was down when he was broke.

  8. wobeli says:

    Bounce…Rock…Skate…good times

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