Lil Wayne Goes on a Tirade, Drops F-Bomb After Losing Pre-Super Bowl Game

· February 4, 2013

The “No Worries” rapper went completely off after his flag football team lost at the DirecTV Celeb Beach Bowl Saturday in New Orleans.

So, what went down?

When the game was over, the New Orleans native stormed off the field, telling E! News’ he got heated after a camera guy touched him, saying, “I don’t like being touched by other people I don’t tell to touch me.”

“So I’m gonna get out of the building, because if I touch someone I go to jail,”

Lil Wayne went on, dropping an F-bomb for emphasis. And that ain’t all! Watch the clip for more.

Celebs like Peter Facinelli, Jesse Williams, Neil Patrick Harris, Olympian Lolo Jones, Chace Crawford, Nina Dobrev and Snoop Lion also participated in the hotly contested celebrity game.

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  1. Greg4422 says:

    What a little punk…so what if you go to jail…if he pushed you and you felt some kind of way about, at the very least push his ass back….don’t cry about it.

  2. Immaculate says:

    This lil dude is crazy….You mean to tell me that he don’t like being touched by people but it’s cool for him to kiss another grown man on the lips though???? He wanna flex on a camera man but him or Baby wouldn’t hop out of that Escalade when they was in Cali when some real G’s flexed on em though…This dude is sensitive

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