Lil Wayne “Baked” Forehead Tattoo: Pass or Fail?

· January 2, 2013


Lil Wayne continues to do what he does best.. make people say WTF was he thinking? Lil Wayne brought the new year in with a new tattoo apparently. Weezy’s latest tattoo (does any one know how many he has?) is on his forehead and it says “Baked”. What do you think.. does it deserve a pass or fail?

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  1. tha real mandingo says:

    And I thought the blu light tattoos where bad #whenkeepingitrealgoeswrong

  2. MASSACRE210 says:

    SMH…hey as long it isnt my face im good.

  3. tyuaza says:

    before this he had glow in the dark ink
    i think he’s a full fledged retardation
    who’s drug usage and tattoos will be his undoing

  4. Zay Capri says:

    I thought that tattooing shit on his face would have been old to him by now. Baked tattoo for what that shit is a fail.

  5. Taper says:

    He’s rich this is part of hi job lol does it matter

    • 1luv says:

      It will only matter if your not rich or a celeb and you try getting this on your face. Kind of like every day people getting the same tats on there face like rappers.

  6. Maria says:

    If Wayne makes it to be 50 years old he will be the goofiest, ugliest looking old man in the world. All these tats will start to sag and morph into something else.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      Yea we’re gonna see. As if tattoo removal isn’t big business, its really gonna be in the next few decades

  7. fucc dis man kiss’n yuck mouff gremlin, BAKED’ huh mo lke deep fried lmfao cant stnd these fake asz rapprs smmfh@u him & dat fat rapp’n cop shuld mke a sextape thn off each othr pleasssssss

  8. DCAssLuva says:

    this lil dumb nigga here he doesnt act his age at all u wouldnt know he was over 30.Dont know why people get they faces tatted they tat something so dumb on it.But whatever i dont listen too his music or nothing i gives 2 shits.

  9. damnshame says:

    dis ninja gay and he a coon….Worst combination-i’m takin this ninja Black African Nubian Brown Thug Niggod card THIS INSTANT….FOH..

  10. a55town says:

    I dont do tats…But Weezy F prob. has one thing to say to all comments
    “I’m Rich Biatch”

  11. ginoBrown says:

    At this point there are 2 many fails 2 count

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