Two nights ago Lil Scrappy and Shay “Buckeey” Johnson bounced from the Atl to Miami to get away. They were in the club in the picture above,isn’t that how it usually works when your on the rebound you call some one else to get over your ex. I ain’t mad at him Shay is a upgrade from Diamond… You she him gripping that azz.

  • greg

    GOOD JOB SCRAP. Shay da truth. That other chick need a sandwich.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Double FAIL on Diamond and Scapps part, and to think these two people have a child together. That’s scary.

    • too funny

      they had Diamond and Soulja Boy on the radio in the A talkin bout they are an ITEM….Major Fail. Good come back for Srappy but he gets a FAIL if he seriously gonna bun her

    • jj

      whats up moore where have you been brother

      • MoorFedayeen

        What’s poppin J? I been around. I just been silent on a few and other times I check in every other day. Been a lil busy but I’m chillin today.

    • ATL Tony

      They don’t have a child together scrappy has a daughter with another girl. And they aint married they were engaged for about 2 or 3 years.

  • GLO

    shorty can’t be a bounce if flavor flav had her! he has been in the history books for a while now
    dude a rapper right what they called groupies it got to be more than the ones these guys passing around
    i mean i would Drop Kick+ Back Flip & LongD!ck that chick with da monkey grip but hey just a US soldier from north philly



  • Ranea

    Shay is a beautiful girl but she has alot of haters. Im a female and i know ill bone her lol. Shay get it in baby girl.

    • too funny

      @Ranea, she’s beautiful aint no deny that and every guy would smash in a heat beat. But to be made famous by Flavor Flav doesn’t get her any cool point @ all. You can argue that day but will lose every time.

  • silly serious

    I remember when Diamond did an interview with somebody (don’t know or care about their names for now) and she was saying how she and scrappy was still happy with their marriage and how she knows he fucks different chicks but as long as she’s numero uno then that’s all that matters.

    In the video she tried to put on a front like it didn’t matter, and she didn’t care who he was out f@#$%ing as long as his side pieces knew their place. Diamond should have known the stress that comes with that shit also, but I guess she wasn’t using her brain. No matter how much you think your man has control over what his jumpoff’s say and do it is absolute bullsh@#. Yeah he might can train a couple to not call your phone or his phone at certain hours, but there will ALWAYS be that ONE CRAZY BROAD that is just hooked on your man that will go out her way to make your relationship with him hell on earth. I take it that’s what happened between them two and shit got too drama filled.

    I’m sure diamond has had her arguments and confrontations with the women that scrap has ran through, it’s apart of the f@##g game, she was the fool that walked down the aisle with the ni#$a though so you can’t blame no one, now I guess she’s wants to run to the young ni@#a soulja boy…aint soulja only 20 years old? I’m sure diamond got this nig@# by a couple of years.

    now when it comes to Shay, I always thought she was the baddest broad on flavor of love, hands down, face and body wise…but after seeing that sex tape of her’s with the funny looking booty hole it’s just funny to me everytime I see her lol.

  • 100

    I gotz to be missing sumthing… where is the upgrade in Shay her body… shiid this chick a insanity t.v. star she ain’t got no money, what’s her resume being on the flavor of love… shiid this dude gotta have some paper he shouldn’t fuxing with these rats… go get an international rat, or at least a chick with some paper. And Scrap these lime light whore seekers (no pun intended)

    Easy! ~Chi-city~

    • Too_Funny

      co-sign, cant put it any better

  • jfizzle

    I’ve always been a Buckeey fan. So props to Scrap in the looks dept. with Buckeey, but I don’t see either one of these chicks bringing in any real bread.

  • She always was one of the best looking Flavorettes to me. PEACE!!!

  • Nikki

    Scrap got him a real woman know. Diamond is a lil girl I’m sorry…. Soulja Boy? Seriously!

  • Deedy

    Man what dont get me wrong but Shay Buckey Johnson has a nice body n all but she is not all dat cute 2 me at all sorry. Im jus sayin without da weave she would be in trouble. Like Nelly said ya heard me it must be yo ass cuz it aint yo face!