Last night Lil Scrappy hosted Kamal’s 21 strip club in Atlanta and was surprised by his mom Mama Dee showing up. No she didn’t attempt to work the pole last night but she was worked up and had some words for the people in the video below. Scrappy talked about his Paws t-shirt line and album. Mama talked about some Love & Hip Hop Atlanta rumors floating around. She also mentioned off camera that Scrappy knocked Stevie J out during the fight but they didn’t show it cause Scrap is on probabtion. Wingo of Jagged Edge, Dolla Boy, Pill, Unti*led, Sonny Digital, Montana White and Bigga Rankin were all in the building as well.

Wingo of Jagged Edge,Scrappy,Montana White

Scrappy & Mama Dee

  • Mel

    2 words: crazy and ghetto…..