Lil Kim Is Looking ______

· June 1, 2010

Lil Kim pictures from Memorial Day weekend in P.R. Finish the sentence Lil Kim is looking ____ ?


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Amber Rose in tears..

  • A Nonymous

    like she wants her spot back

  • joed

    Weird like always. I miss the old kim

  • WHOD

    she look good…not as good as she used to look…but good nonetheless

  • Mr. Wood

    Decent. Nice body, but that face is not all that.

  • Dubb

    Lookin like pikachu wit fake titties and weave.

  • cutiepie

    She looks good.

  • joebloe

    Lil Kim is looking …..not too shabby/pretty decent.

  • dan

    She lookin kinda sexy

  • Swag

    Like Michael Jackson by the nose…lol

  • t-tyme

    like LaToya Jackson!!!


    R-E-A-L!!!!!!!! FINALLY……..ONE.

  • Kayla

    Ugly! i hate too say it.

  • mayne

    lil kim is looking……… more and more like MICHEAL JACKSON

  • The Fan

    I was in High School when lil kim blowed up in the Hip Hop world and at that time she was the sexiest bitch in the rap game. I can understand her trying to reinvent herself thru the years but Damn its to much now. That being said I would still F**k cuz she usta look good… lol