Lil Kim Gets Another Drastic New Face

· February 8, 2013


I know what your going to say.. She got more work done. YEP!

The pint-size rapper debuted a very new, shall we say, look earlier this week that immediately sent the Twitterverse aflutter over what exactly she might have had done to her face—and whether she might actually be a long-lost Jackson sibling.



> The Evolution Of Lil' Kim's Face... - Photo posted in The Hip-Hop Spot | Sign in and leave a comment below!

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  1. Realtalkin says:

    I dno why she even bothered in the first place, nuttin was wrong wit her

  2. Southwestern says:

    People with that low a level of self-esteem usually take themselves out. Hopefully she don’t take it that far, but she’s a sad case for sure.

  3. She looks awful..still smh. Kim is the Joan rivers of hiphop. #fail

  4. Citah says:

    To use a phrase common to this board…”Not a good look on her.”

  5. Shizz says:

    Why would she do that? She is scary looking now. The Dr. Who did that should be ashamed of himself. Some women are so messed up in the head.

  6. Xman says:

    absolutely disgusting! she looks like the puppet in the SAW movies.

  7. plk says:

    she looks like a bad version of a Japanese animated *****

  8. 615CA$HVILLE says:

    Need to put a pic of Joan Collins right next to her LMAO

  9. 1luv says:

    Damn, you really don’t love yourself if you do this. Trying to look too good for others.

  10. Reme says:

    I thought she was beautiful to begin with. She didn’t need any surgery. And now she looks like plastic and it’s just uncomfortable to look at her.

  11. Sunshine says:

    Yup, she’s been seeing Michael Jackson’s surgeon….often…yikes, she used to actually be a cute girl

  12. williedynamite says:

    WHOA! wtf

  13. Mister Mister says:

    Self esteem is shot thru the roof. It’s amazing what’s people mentality tells themselves when they look in the mirror.

    We saw an attractive woman in her heyday, apparently she did & still doesn’t

  14. BigBen says:

    Kim look fuck up for real, she look good before she started that shit.

  15. edo says:

    Damn from black to korean in 15 yrs

  16. Zay Capri says:

    What the Fuck! My first thought and she might as well kill yourself after this one.

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