Check out a side by side comparison pics of Lil Kim before and after all her surgery. She was se*y before all the work she had done there had to be a deep issue going on with her to ruin her self like that. Thoughts?

  • from average to awful!!!! Lmao

    • KDUB

      LMAO.. Basically. I do prefer the pre-surgery Kim.

    • SonOfATL

      You hit the nail on the head. Lil Kim was never a dime like some of these niggas seem to think. She just had a lot of sex appeal for the time.

  • Leroy#79

    Here’s a textbook example of someone having more money than brains!

  • true blackman

    fuck surgery

  • Plansky


  • I remember see her on VH-1 Behind The Music years ago. She said that guys would tell her that she was ugly. She was always cute with her natural looks to me though. PEACE!!!

  • E-dub

    From hot to hot mess.