LHHA Tahiry Hits The Beach In A Thong Bikini

· February 18, 2013


Love & Hip Hop finest Tahiry shows she isn’t about all work and no play among other things in her recent trip to the beach. She also that azz is fatter than a someofab**** in a thong bikini.


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  1. presto 2.5 says:

    ((Thirst level after post))

    ((Thirst level before post))

  2. Oldskool quote says:

    I like big butts and I cannot lie!!
    Sir mixalot

  3. Wow,either Tahiry really on hers this year or she coming after Queen Maliah for that title..and umm check out those new k.michelle pics bruh

  4. ballzdeepigoz says:


  5. too_funny says:

    that azz is FABULOUS!!!!!

  6. reefmoney says:

    Joey B is an idiot

  7. Realtalkin says:

    Damn that ass is special!!!

  8. WHATDAHELL says:

    damn. thats that shiz that have you staring while your chick standing right next to you. fck that im lookin.

  9. lazarus says:

    Damn, Smh. I will take that slap from wifey at the beach. Wouldn’t even care either.LOl that thang is poked out.

  10. mr.p says:

    Isn’t she burning supposedly? lol

  11. Larcen says:

    Definetly one of the finest ever

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