Love & Hip Hop finest Tahiry shows she isn’t about all work and no play among other things in her recent trip to the beach. She also that azz is fatter than a someofab**** in a thong bikini.


  • presto 2.5

    ((Thirst level after post))

    ((Thirst level before post))

    • Wow!!! ((Amber alert)) “missing the rear of Tahiry’s thong…last seen at the register with a thick latina woman…if spotted please contact the local authorities” LOL.

      Damn she swallowed that bikini lmao!! #corp life

      • lol @ Amber Alert.. Gotta flash those kid missing ads with her bikini bottom.

  • Oldskool quote

    I like big butts and I cannot lie!!
    Sir mixalot

    • @oldskool, I got one for u

      “I want ur butt…that butt…that big ol,big ol butt oww”
      E.U- doing the Butt

  • Wow,either Tahiry really on hers this year or she coming after Queen Maliah for that title..and umm check out those new k.michelle pics bruh

  • ballzdeepigoz


  • too_funny

    that azz is FABULOUS!!!!!

  • reefmoney

    Joey B is an idiot

  • Realtalkin

    Damn that ass is special!!!


    damn. thats that shiz that have you staring while your chick standing right next to you. fck that im lookin.

  • lazarus

    Damn, Smh. I will take that slap from wifey at the beach. Wouldn’t even care either.LOl that thang is poked out.

    • 1luv

      That’s why you got to have some dark shades on. Everytime I would be out with a girl, shades stay on.

  • mr.p

    Isn’t she burning supposedly? lol

    • whats your source?

  • Larcen

    Definetly one of the finest ever