Sh1t got real for Eagles running back LeSean McCoy on Twitter Saturday night after having a fight with his baby mama Steph.It all started when McCoy tweeted about his vacation, seemingly in the tropics, while Steph was at home taking care of their baby, sans child support.What followed was a five-hour feud – with multiple tangents and sidebars that were extremely difficult to follow – that contained the following accusations from Steph: McCoy has Herpes, a small penis about which he saw a doctor, and a problem getting it up, an accusation allegedly confirmed by accompanying text message screenshots from his current girlfriend, Sydney, who apparently gets eaten by McCoy’s best friend “VAR.”

There’s really too much to summarize. This is exactly the sort of post that Storify was made for.


  • RasheedLateef’s not cool when your baby moms is being a cold cactus to you on twitter. when will they learn ya’ll? Good dig by the way H lol.

  • Playboy69

    BABY MAMA ETHERS Lesean McCoy…. He got hit harder than Michael Vick in the pocket….LOL!

  • queso (The Corp)

    I don’t understand all this back n forth on twitter… Pick up the dam phone!

  • President Ward


  • President Ward


  • Wow she’s bogus smh

  • Theyre both clowns

    • AntonioSpencer

      @B strait 3000(mega-corp)
       2 clowns

    • Mister Mister

      I agree, especially chicks that are bitter – they’ll start slanging out all kinds of lies about that man.

      LeSean is a fool for not strapping up with that broad. I don’t trust these hoes when they talking bout they on birth control

  • BzB

    strap up fam.  so much carelessness running rampant out here.  not worth risking your health or your finances.

  • BzB

    strap up fam.  so much carelessness running rampant out here.  not worth risking your health or your finances.

  • AntonioSpencer

    ouch!!! my homies lips break out from dirty hair liners but people think that hes herped down

  • AntonioSpencer

    ouch!!! my homies lips break out from dirty hair liners but people think that hes herped down… plus he smokes with strangers… stilll those are 2 straight fucking klowns

  • MoorFedayeen

    Dilly azz N1gga brought it on himself. That was Way too much back & forth on the web for all to see. Grown folks keep they sh1t in private.

  • tyuaza

    he need to go silent for a while