#LeBroning Is a New Instagram/Vine Trend Making Fun of LeBron James Flopping

· January 13, 2014

This Is #LeBroning, The Amazing New Meme Mocking LeBron James

LeBron’s frequent flops have brought about a new social media trend: #LeBroning. Vine user Ronnie first posted on #LeBroning months ago, but it started picking up on the internet this week.

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  1. Big bread says:

    These mf got too much time on their hand. They need to be doing homework.

  2. Cakes(overtime) says:

    Funniest flop video EVER was the youtube one with “lebron” flopping throughout the day especially when he encounters the old man in the convenience store and the dog..

  3. Lazarus says:

    Really smh. Bout to take my belt off and whip some bodies Ctfu

  4. MoorThugRelated says:

    Name an NBA great thats ever been clowned like him.

  5. Pceezy says:

    It’s cool cuz it’s kids,,,,,

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